Day Ten….begin again!!

ha ha running

Yep, at it again, but then I could not think of a rhyme for twelve…

I will be crippled tomorrow…

That bloody treadmill was off again!!…

Think fate is telling me to get out on the road again… Continue reading


Day Four & Five…Still alive!!

20141113_105914 (600x800)

Puss Puss says….”I am barely alive, all this running cuts into feeding and patting time!!”

Isn’t he just gorgeous?

He is very naughty and spoilt though…. Continue reading

Bit of a Quandry…


bali nine

The Ironman is here this weekend and its very exciting.

I love Ironman and ran some of the way with some of the competitors last year.

But the pending executions of the 2 Bali nine ringleaders makes it very sombre .

I don’t know why this particular case upsets me, but it really does. Continue reading