Suggggaaarrrrr Monster!!


Sugar Sugar Sugar….

I feel like a HUGE sugar binge.

Lollies, Fruit cake, Chocolate, Jelly Lollies, Jelly Joiners, Coconut Rough…

Doughnuts filled with creme patisserie or cream, French pastries…

Ginger Crunch, Caramel slice maybe even biscuits!

God, not a biscuit eater so when thoughts turn to biscuits, you know its …

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I hugged an IRONLADY….

11038698_656633377798315_2373947015985878281_nand I liked it:)

Looked at her medal too!!

Never seen one in the flesh!

What an inspiration, she is.

A lady I spoke to when I went for a job trial, had just done Ironman on saturday.

Teeny, Tiny lady from Auckland called Janet. Continue reading

Get with the program!!


There are many awesome websites for weights / strength programs.

Maybe that is the problem…

Too many and not knowing what to choose??

I have used Tribe sports in the past for some variety in what I am doing or getting ideas. Continue reading

Urgh….Feel LIKE I have bathed in SUGAR!!

Talk about sugar overkill!

need to bathe in this!

need to bathe in this!

Contrary to my own words, I don’t really have a sweet tooth UNLESS It is in my sight!

If the sweet things are not visible, MOST of the time, I don’t crave it.

However, like many, in times of stress, it becomes my bud, bud, best buddy:) Continue reading

Why can’t we ignore FOOD?

I know , you are shaking your head in disbelief!!

This from one who makes food, lives food, teaches food,LOVES food!

One who tells people to be GREEDY!!

No, I promise, I am not being a hypocrite!!

But hear me out>>>>>>>>

Very Greedylicious!!

Very Greedylicious!!

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