May Day, May Day….

Can you believe it?

May is here!!


Its going to be a fabulous month, I feel it in my running shoes! Continue reading


Fifteen, fifteen…hmm..treadmills ????


Tick it off!

Soooooooo couldn’t find a rhyme for fifteen either..

Some poet I would be.

Back into the exercise again.

I think I will do 30 days of exercise rather than solely running. Continue reading

Day Ten….begin again!!

ha ha running

Yep, at it again, but then I could not think of a rhyme for twelve…

I will be crippled tomorrow…

That bloody treadmill was off again!!…

Think fate is telling me to get out on the road again… Continue reading

I hugged an IRONLADY….

11038698_656633377798315_2373947015985878281_nand I liked it:)

Looked at her medal too!!

Never seen one in the flesh!

What an inspiration, she is.

A lady I spoke to when I went for a job trial, had just done Ironman on saturday.

Teeny, Tiny lady from Auckland called Janet. Continue reading