Smoking News 17/07/2012:


Well its almost hump day…………..after 12, wednesday, we all know its all downhill till friday!!

Looks pretty quiet on the smoking and tobacco front today:)



Just the 2 today….

Be good until tomorrow:)

Have a great smoke free day



Why Quit? Cold Turkey….

When I speak of Why Quit most of the time , I am talking about the website.

It is a hardcore cold turkey site. No NRT, Champix anything COLD TURKEY!!

It is the most wonderful site, it really is, I could not have stopped smoking without it.

Now they are HARD CORE!! You must be nicotine free to be part of the site. It has the most wonderful resources and blogs. Great support but like I said it is hard-core. It really frightened me to be honest at first but it really inspired me and helped me get through the first 72 hours of NO SMOKES!!! You can’t take another puff either, no slips up, it is harsh but you need to be sometimes and that is what some of us need.Me anyhow. If you want a hand holding or patting site where people will tell you its ok to slip, it’s not this one.

It has fantastic resources as well.

If you are serious about stopping, you need to check it out, it is a great resource and source of support and much more.

The stories are heart wrenching and usually I would read something like that and go whatever as I had for years and thought “just trying to frighten me’ but it is more than that. I can not explain it, you need to look at it yourself and see what I mean.

Stay Strong and SMOKE FREE!!!

NO contemplation on this site:) JUST DO IT!!



Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking:

Allen Carr and Bev Aisbett.

A liberating guide to a smoke free future. Allen Carr’s illustrated version!!

Allen, in this book, acknowledges difficulties that are particular to women who want to stop smoking. It is written in Allen’s usual manner and the illustrations by Bev are great. As you know, i think the ‘easy’ is a farce but Allen does make it easier to stop.

This particular version wasn’t out when i stopped but it is quite good. Not sure if i prefer it over the original version but the pictures make it lighter hearted and they do appeal in a sense. It has the same message as all his books.

Just don’t know whether I would use it to stop though? Hmm, will need to ponder it more.

Maybe more first steps or a contemplation period book?

I like that Allen says that you can never have another puff.

Stop Smoking :The Essential Guide:

By Simon Daubney.

This book is part of the Need2Know series.

It is a nice slim book (which i always like) which is a round-up of how you can stop smoking.The author is a nurse who has/ does work with smoking cessation patients. This is always a good thing. Simon used to be a smoker as well, so not only is he qualified medically but he truly knows what the experience is like.  I have to say that one of the reasons I love Allan Carr, is that he smoked and I truly felt he felt my pain so to speak:). I am not saying the author needs to smoke or have smoked but to me I relate to them better. I do though like this book because the author states HOW HARD it is to stop and he is not saying it in a negative way but a realistic manner. That was one of my only grumbles with Allan Carr and many of these smoking books, is they say “its easy”. It bloody isn’t.

There is a good mix of straight talking but not matey and facts in the book, but not too many so you think, “God, does he think I am thick and don’t know that?”

Plus I love that he states this

“Smoking is said to be one of the hardest things to give up once you have started. Even Heroin addicts have reported that smoking is harder to give up than Heroin.

This is a well-known fact but smokers need to remember it when they castigate themselves for not stopping. This book helps you to understand your addiction and explores why you smoke and looks at methods to stop, weight maintenance, stop smoking organisations and how to stay quit!! There is even a section for loved ones to help support the quitter!!

Will this help you stop? No, I don’t think so BUT I think it is a very good contemplation/ first steps book and a good guide to further resources and how to go about stopping and making sure you have all the ducks in a row so to speak.

Big thumbs up on this one for a great starter guide to stopping!!








Paul McKenna:Quit Smoking today:

Yes, He is known primarily for being a hypnotist and self improvement author.

There is a separate section on hypnotism if you want more on hypnotism.

“If you weren’t born with a cigarette in your mouth, you had to train and condition yourself to smoke — and if you learned it, you can unlearn it.”
~Paul McKenna, PhD

Interesting theory. The book itself is relatively slim, which I know you probably think “What has that got to do with stopping smoking?” Well think about it!! It does. Do you want a book that is as thick as Lord of the Rings? Nope, you want something that looks easy and to be honest how much is there to say on stopping smoking at the end of the day? Not a lot, there is inifinte material on stopping methods but to stop itself, ALL you need to do is STOP!! Can’t say more than that.

This book says that you will STOP smoking and not gain weight, if you follow Paul’s principles that is. He doesn’t promise miracles though and states clearly you need to WANT to stop.

The book itself, is easy to read, (Paul says so himself ) it has a matey tone to it, Paul is serious but he is trying to do something similar to Allan Carr when he takes a friends tone with you and doesn’t bombard you with stats and figures you already know about. Plus the book is not weighed down with technical/ medical or scientific jargon, you then need to get a dictionary to decipher.

There is a bonus CD that you listen to daily to reinforce what is being said in the book and to communicate with your subconscious.

Paul states that smoking is a habit and all habits are regulated by the unconscious mind and through hypnosis, we are able to communicate to this part of our mind.

The book is divided into seven sections, each which follow on from the other and are like a reprogramming in regards to how you feel about smoking. Each section has a FAQ at the end of it.

In section two, Paul looks at “Why you used to smoke” and he gets you to do certain exercises around smoking, looks at stress and smoking ,creating a clam anchor without smokes and taking control. Section three looks at “Changing your habits” and the power of associations.Section four looks at a “Healthy You”, changing the way you think about being healthy. Section five covers “Never Again” and getting over that threshold. Section six looks at “Cravings” and ending them and the science of addiction. Section seven is about creating a positive future and there is a final bonus section on not gaining weight when quitting and the golden rules for that. The book has a list of techniques to use to change how you think about smoking and how you then act.

Would this help me stop? In all honesty, I don’t think so, not me personally. I like simple things which is a bonus in this book BUT I read it and thought, “That’s it?, Nah can’t be that simple?” Now it could be but to be that skeptical straight off???  But that is not to say it will not help others. It depends on what YOU want and need. For me, I liked the Allen Carr tone to it, keep it simple type thing and not be bombarded with facts. I also liked that it was not some weirdo mumbo jumbo that i thought “whatever” to and the CD is a good reinforcer. Paul McKenna is so right in the fact that you need to change how you think about smoking.

Down side? Paul McKenna is not alone in this (even Allen Carr lacked this unless you went to his courses) is the SUPPORT!! You need it, whether its online blogging, forums, telephone, face to face, groups, one on one…. You all know what I mean. You need support and sadly a lone book does not give one that support. The book just made me too skeptical.

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