2017…Here we go…..

run alot

I suppose its too late to say, “Nah, not ready yet”…

Its not as if the bugger sneaks up on you.

Oh well, lets get on with it then!! Continue reading


Bit of a Quandry…


bali nine

The Ironman is here this weekend and its very exciting.

I love Ironman and ran some of the way with some of the competitors last year.

But the pending executions of the 2 Bali nine ringleaders makes it very sombre .

I don’t know why this particular case upsets me, but it really does. Continue reading

Ending running week with Surya Namaskara A & B…..


Contrary to me saying I only like running exercise wise,  I do like Astanga yoga.

I went on and off over the years to the Yoga Academy when I lived in Auckland.

It is an awesome place .

I have been going on and off (ha ha, consistent there) to The Heart Centre in Taupo. Continue reading

Resting…..Resting…& Visualising…..

taupo 1For tomorrows long run, which will take me through the bush  & maybe out to Aratiatia dam.

I like planning epic runs.

Mind you my epic runs at not what they were but slowly slowly I will get back to the 20-30 km runs.

BUT any run you enjoy is an epic run, I reckon. Continue reading