Bit of a Quandry…


bali nine

The Ironman is here this weekend and its very exciting.

I love Ironman and ran some of the way with some of the competitors last year.

But the pending executions of the 2 Bali nine ringleaders makes it very sombre .

I don’t know why this particular case upsets me, but it really does. Continue reading

Ending running week with Surya Namaskara A & B…..


Contrary to me saying I only like running exercise wise,  I do like Astanga yoga.

I went on and off over the years to the Yoga Academy when I lived in Auckland.

It is an awesome place .

I have been going on and off (ha ha, consistent there) to The Heart Centre in Taupo. Continue reading

Resting…..Resting…& Visualising…..

taupo 1For tomorrows long run, which will take me through the bush  & maybe out to Aratiatia dam.

I like planning epic runs.

Mind you my epic runs at not what they were but slowly slowly I will get back to the 20-30 km runs.

BUT any run you enjoy is an epic run, I reckon. Continue reading