Sadly in this excessively PC world, this is necessary.

Do I need to say more?

All content on this site is written by myself ,apart from obvious links to other sites that are then out of my control and I am not responsible for.

You read this blog of your own free will and if you take what I say out of context and injure yourself, I will not be held responsible.

I hope you will use your common sense but sadly there are some very stupid individuals out there so this is also necessary.

Don’t even think of suing me as NZ doesn’t have ridiculous personal injury laws , like some countries, that allow people (who are clearly morons) to get $100 million dollars because they chose not to use their common sense yet, it was cheaper for a large company to pay them out.

I have no money so you will be shit out of luck.

I am not offering medical or legal advice, merely offering opinions and tales of what assisted me in stopping smoking in the view that it may ease the distress people can feel when they stop smoking.

I do not financially gain in any way from any products that i mention.

I mention them because I like them or found them to be a good/ useful product or service.

My blog is not meant to be offensive in any manner, if you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it.

Its like the TV, if you don’t like it, it is very SIMPLE!!! Don’t watch it or in this case, don’t read it.

If I unintentionally offend someone from another culture/country outside my own, please remember that every person has different cultural beliefs and what I write is not meant to harm or be offensive to any person. Finally, I hope what I write is read with the seriousness it is intended but also with a grain of salt, a touch of light heartedness (as it is needed to stop smoking) and a dash of common sense. If I tell you I ate mustard for a week to help me stop smoking but was violently ill, then chances are that is not a good thing to do.

If you are unsure about any comment I make, be an adult and ask me about it, don’t be a dickhead and get aggressive until you are 100% sure you KNOW what I mean because chances are unless you are a mind reader, you won’t know as half the time I don’t know what I mean:)

Oops,  finally I will respect all privacy laws and I promise to treat any info you give me on yourself in the strictest confidence that it was given. I will not on sell your information to any one or pass on your information to any other party.

Right, ugliness done, let’s get on with stopping smoking!!

And just to clarify, Personal injury laws used in the intent they were meant for are a good thing but you all know what type of moronic behavior I am referring to above!!


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