Feeling Black Dogish?



Are you mental too?

Do you belong to the Nutters Club? 

If you have taken offense, then you are in the wrong place or reading the wrong blog…

Toni Collette

Toni Collette

Having struggled with Anxiety, Depression and Phobic Issues for some years doesn’t make me an expert…

But it does allow me to laugh at myself and all the ‘tags’ that follow mental health.

Besides if you don’t laugh, what will you do?

Yes, we all know that answer…

So laugh or failing that RUN, RUN, RUN…..

or Bake if you can!

Yes, I also know some people are in a place so black, they can not see out to bake or run…

lots of black dogs

Below I have listed some links, I have found over time very useful or just something to cheer me up.

As I recall others or things, I will add them.

If you would like to add any links, please let me know and I will gladly add them.

Nutters club and Mike king...

Nutters club and Mike king…

If you have not checked out the Nutters Club, do so….Great resources, a good laugh but deadly serious about mental health.



Sir John Kirwan….Name ring a bell???

Even I know him and I hate RUGBY!!!  Ex All Black, Ex coach of the Italian Rugby Team.

He is the Patron Speaker for Depression in NZ...Read his story and use the resources.

phobic trust

The Phobic Trust in St Lukes is Fantastic and has a great support group too.

Healthpoint is a good search engine.


Read how Cake saved Marion Keyes. Despite having on the surface a ‘blessed life, Marion suffers from debilating depression.Read how baking helped her find her eqiulibrium again.



Greedybread: Delicious treats to cheer you up!!

Shameless self  promotion BUT baking bread calms me and helps me feel better.

Try it!!


Underneath the Lemon Tree: An honest retelling of time while depressed.

Shoot the damn Dog: Sally Brampton’s memoir of depression.

run alot

Running and Depression: Interesting article

Runners world NZ/Australia: Yes, this MAY help you.

runners world

PLEASE NOTE:  These are my opinions of what helps me.

I hope they assist you in some small way BUT I am NOT a mental health doctor/Practitioner/Psychiatrist/Psycologist.

My rantings or sugguestions are in NO way designed to replace professional advice or medication.


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