Coffee, BBQ and BLOODY hungry…

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry…

Man, I want to eat everything in sight!!

food addict

Who has days like that???

Every so often I want to inhale food and I feel no matter how much I eat, I would eat and eat and eat and not be satisfied… Continue reading


The Eternal Fight…a long long long long road….

You know, It really feels like that at times. Lets kick September off by pondering this…….

You know that I am not trying to discourage you at all, but more being honest.

Almost 5 years for me and still at times I want to smoke and in that split second, that craving is so intense. It goes but does it come to remind me I am not infallible? Continue reading

How to Stop Smoking : Gillian Riley:

How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

Give up smoking WITHOUT gaining weight!! Gillian Riley.

“Forget ridiculous aversion techniques and repression and look your addiction straight in the eye!”

Pretty blunt and describes so many stop smoking books correctly. But will this book live up to its claims?

Relatively thin book which is good!! Not bogged down by surplus blah blah blah!!

The main technique here seems to be taking control and owning up to the fact that YOU have an addiction. It is a problem you yourself have created. I like this attitude because it is true. Yes, we do need support BUT until we admit to the problem, it won’t matter who we have support from. This book differs from others in that it doesn;t require to tell all and sundry you are stopping smoking because ultimately success is up to you not others.

The nature of addiction and the desire to smoke are looked at in the first few chapters in the book. It is similar in a sense to Allan Carr in that it states it is your fear and the need for you to stop for yourself and no others. The book looks at taking back control, weight gain and why smoking seems to help us. It has a plan to help you stop as well in the last few chapters.

Gillian Riley was a smoker and a overeater. She gives you an “outline’ on how to deal with smoking and your cravings. It is simple, smoke or don’t really. It is your choice!!

I like this book and I would use it to stop smoking.I would not use it for ideas like the 52 brilliant ideas book, but this would be a book to stop smoking with. Like Allen Carr’s book. It is similar to his book in its tone. I have to wonder is this because Gillian, like Allan smoked? They know the addiction first hand and it shows in their writing.

Overcoming your Smoking Habit: David F Marks:

Ok, so here we go!! As I said many many books…………..But are they all successful?

This book is slightly older (2005) and it is endorsed by the US public health service,not that it means a lot to most of us or influences us in choosing books to help us stop smoking.

Have you tried and failed to give up smoking? Most smokers have. But Professor David Marks’s method has been scientifically evaluated, and the programme’s quit-smoking rates are among the highest on record, using a step-by-step week-long programme to help you stop smoking for good. Via highly acclaimed CBT techniques, proven effective in how to ‘re-programme’ your mind not to want to smoke, you will not have to rely on will power alone.”

This book looks at understanding your habit, how to stop smoking  and how to get a life as a non smoker.CBT techniques are used in the book to help you break that addiction. Author is an ex smoker so he understands that side of the addiction and it’s not all theory.

What is interesting (for me anyhow) is that the author lived in NZ for some time and developed the ISIS stop smoking programme and I did this programme and I have to say that while it was not successful long-term, I did stop for about a year or 18 months so it is successful but not for me long-term but I think it was more i was weak willed.See my link with this and looking and thinking of it now, yes, very much CBT methods!!

Two Golden Rules:

You smoke a cigarette every time you want one.

Practice the CBT exercise whenever you feel like smoking.

You do a series of exercises designed to deprogram your brain and its addictive thinking mode over a week whilst still smoking

You still need to choose a day and actually stop which is the main sticking point for most of us smoking but the notion is by then most of the deprogramming will be done so it will be easier to stop.

This is similar to the method I used (not the chain-smoking though) and it does make it easier but like I said, you still need to actually stop. My only scepticism with this method and other similar deprogramming methods, how can you change what you have been doing for years or decades in a week?

I like that the book is not get into the happy mode and stop smoking or its easy to stop or painless. That is crap!! Neither do you need to find your inner peace, mindfulness or any weirdo stuff………..

Despite the quickness in deprogramming years old thinking, I think this programme is a goer!! I give it a thumbs up and why not give it a try? Similar to Allen Carr with the brainwashing but it works.

Stay Strong and Smoke free!!

Smoke Free in 30 Days: Daniel Seidman:

I know this sounds mad but I like the look and feel of this book. The thing is when we pick up a book, any book, we get that first impression and it lasts , unfortunately in some cases.

However, that Dr Oz (of Oprah Winfrey fame) is also involved made me very skeptical.

I am not saying Oprah endorses crap , she doesn’t but we all know an endorsement from Oprah can mean wonderful things for your book, product or career.

Daniel is a psychologist and a smoking cessation clinician at Columbia University Medical Centre. Bt as I have said before, that is not the major factor here. Smoke Free in 30 days promises straight forward methods to tailor to your needs (this is good) to help you stop smoking.He discusses Allen Carr and how his program differs (mainly with NRT) and how you can smoke while reading the book. This is a great comfort (I know as I did that with Allen Carr) that you don’t need to put the fags aside straight away.

Daniel states that many people fail to quit or even start to quit because of the fear. This is so true. He starts by looking at smoking and why you are doing it even though you want to quit and what sort of smoker are you? Situational, worried about weight, emotion triggered or scared to quit smoker? I like how he writes. There are facts but they are not there to make you feel stupid and he doesn’t talk in a way that is patronising. He explains addiction and you find yourself nodding as he words things just right. He looks at NRT (which I don’t like but accept) but he also looks at how depression could affect you if you stop. This is really important!! Especially if you take champix which has been found to make people more depressed. The book looks at other quit methods, awareness of cravings, quit dates, FAQ and tips to help you through each day.

I like this book. It is not condescending, it is not patronising and he doesn’t push any method in particular and I really like how he notes many times that stopping is individual and just because your mate stopped with ease and using xyz method, doesn’t mean it will work for you. There is a 30 day plan to help you through the first thirty days. Will it work? I don’t know but I would give it a go. He doesn’t use any weird mindfulness or over compensates with repeating how many degrees he has. He keeps it about the smoking, or more importantly, the stopping.

One or two interesting articles involving Daniel Seidman below:

Stop Smoking: 52 Brilliant Ideas….

52 Brilliant ideas to kick the habit for good.

Peter Cross and Clive Hopwood.

Nice softcopy, not too serious looking, smallish book , quite thick but the writing is quite large and there are lots of photo’s and tips so it’s not just blah blah blah….One of them was a smoker but both have smokers in their families.

Written in a sort of matey way. (I think Allen Carr started this!!) I like matey books as they tend not to treat you like a Dumbo. Wahoo!!  Smoke while you read the book (this has to be good)  and the 52 ideas start. They know you don’t want to be bombarded with facts and figures as you know these facts but what they give you are 52 ideas to help you stop that work. What is good about this book that it doesn’t take the same method for all approach and that is why is its pretty good. It recognises that smokers (like everyone) ARE individual and what works for me, may not for you and so on.Somewhere in this book will be an idea that will help you in some way.It may not help you stop, but it may get you thinking in a more positive way about stopping smoking, that you COULD stop, rather than thinking, “nope, never going to happen!”.

This book is sort of like an updating your skills course. The book in itself will not make you stop in the sense most of us will not pick it up and then stop smoking at the end. What it will do as i stated above, is leave you with lots to think about and new ideas because even stop smoking methods evolve. What I like best is, I personally think most people need to incorporate 2 or more methods in making their stop smoking plan and this book is brilliant for that. It will provide ideas for the MOST negative of smokers:)


I particularly like the smokers profile in her as its very jokey but it is so true!! Who knows all the bum lick special occasion smokers that most smokers want to throttle as they don’t really smoke, just every now and then!! Their cravings never seem to bother them at other times!! I suspect this is not the case but I will do a smokers profile up myself and I am sure you will recognise yourself and others:) All in good humour of course.

I love that they tell you to stop when you are feeling shit (yes, they say that). I LOVE IT!!It is so true, as I always used to wait for the perfect day to stop when all had to be so so and all the planets in alignment….you all know what I mean! It was NEVER going to happen.

In addition, it looks at ways to help yourself stop, methods, support, the old bugbear WEIGHT GAIN, and they get you to do exercises that make you think about smoking in a new way and not in a stupid arse way either.

I like this book and recommend it to all looking for inspiration and a good over all general book for ways to stop. It is serious but in a jokey manner. Oops and it has lots of REAL FAQ!!

Read it!

A BIG SMOKE FREE THUMBS UP!! Could support this almost as much as Allan Carr…