Change of Plan Stan….

20150130_140536 (1024x768)

Achilles, sore, very sore.

Despite doing stretches and calf work….

A wise woman, which is not usually me re running, will be doing less running this week.

Twice when I have been running in the last week, there have been things on the radio about this sports person who did this to their Achilles.

Hmmm,  felt the running gods were telling me something. Continue reading


World Smoking News 11/06/2012:

Hello!! Can you hear the difference in my voice???

Ha, its the JOY of not being at arsey work!!

Oggy is the featured item today as I have had to ‘retire’ him for a bit from the background of the blog………..I love him to bits but you can’t read the blog with him in the back 😦

Today’s round up of the latest snippets of tobacco and smoking news is……

Smoking ban could help Wellington businesses:

Auckland to ban smoking in Public?

Land lord in California imposes ban in 2000 apartments:,0,7927635.story


Hope you are all having a great SMOKE FREE DAY!!

Stay strong and smoke free!!