Bloody hell..

2 weeks , no running…..

How does this happen?

Well, yes, I know, no legs are a moving!! Continue reading


Grrr, Talk about BIG bite in the bum!!

mr fussyMy fussy boy, you know the one who purses his lips like a cats arse when he disapproves or gets arsey?

Well, he has always cooked in the kitchen with me.. Continue reading

Ivan Miller, NZ Writer….

I have known Ivan all my life…

He is a spectacular writer and artist and I don’t say this cause he is my lambie boy!

Top of Lucca’s walls

Now I know you are looking at the photo of Lucca and going WHAT???

It all will become abundantly clear shortly….. Continue reading

Now When I Said “Go Easy”…

Yesterday and treat yourselves food wise…….I did not mean this …

I had to do this up for you!!

pizza burger

Junk food pizza

When I was in Istanbul this year, they put french fries in most savoury street food, like kebabs, sandwiches and in salad things and in Venice my husband had chip pizza!! Continue reading

Grrr ..Who’s Hungry???

Bloody hell, I am!!!HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY!!

Never used to get this hungry when I smoked……..

It’s not often now but every now and then, for 1-2 days, I feel like if I let myself then I would eat and eat and eat and I never seem to get full……..

I go to make toast and I am almost dribbling, even though I have eaten 10 mins before or had my dinner half an hour ago?? Go figure……….and its just toast, we aren’t talking elaborate food, special chocolates or some gorgeous cheese…

I have become almost obsessed with food.You can imagine how I get in Paris (pastries,cheese and bread everywhere) or Italy (salame, cheese, bread)…..and Istanbul was exquisite torture. Mezze, Baklava, kunfa, Kebabs, oh the list was endless…Even Poland which on the face of it can look quite austere, isnt!! And don’t even get me started on here at home. I remember streets because of particular food shops.

So today, I go in search of the CHOCO-ADE biscuits that were re-released in NZ after a 20 year absence and NONE NONE NONE to be found!! Old mother Hubbard!! VERY distressing……….So i had to eat the 2nd most fav thingy , JAFFA CAKES………..

For those unfortunate people who have not had the pleasure of a Jaffa cake, they are very yummy but you can eat them until the cows come home as they are so light.

If I used to feel hungry when I smoked, well I would just have a smoke and you know, I never remember being that hungry or food making me salivate so much. Is this because I can taste it better since there is no smokes ‘blocking’ the true taste of the food?

which one?

I liked food, I always have but now I feel at times, it is almost bordering on obsessive. It’s not that I eat heaps, but i think about it and what I could make, and what I will make and then maybe what it will taste like……..Has Food taken the place of my smokes?

You know they say, we usually swap one addiction for another…………

What do you think?

Smoking News 12/07/12:


Well tomorrow is FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!! yippee!!

Hope you have all had a great smoke free day.

This weekend, i am making brownies called ” Salty Turtle brownies”

Check them out as they LOOK yum!!

Lets look at the smoking news for the day..





Have a great friday!!