Woooh!! Its AUGUST!!

Yep, next step XMAS:)  Argh!


July, bit of a write off for me, a bit of a splutter month…stop, start, stop….exercise wise.

I had the WHOLE of last week off!

Yes, WHOLE! No running, no nothing….I lie, I ran on Monday and then NOTHING until yesterday!

That was after my piss poor effort the week before as well.. Continue reading


Very quick today….

As I have a million people descending on my house for dinner etc at 6 ish….

I am just putting the finishing touches to the gingerbread men for the kids…

dinnerLove gingerbread men, they make me sooooo happy:) Continue reading

Bake Your little heart out!!

No, I haven’t lost the plot. What I say is the truth!!

From the Queen of the yeastie beasties:)

This could be yours!!

I remember reading a little while ago that Marian Keyes (the author of the great irish chick lit books) found while she was depressed that baking helped her immensley.She wrote a book about it with all her recipes in it.

After pondering it and reflecting back myself, she is BLOODY right!!  Continue reading