You will not believe it!!

No running thus far for 11 days thus far !!

Yes, you read that right…11 days!!

And it maybe a while longer. Continue reading


ARE YOU EXCITED??? This is for SHAZ!!

It is November!!

Yes, can you believe this???

Exciting times ahead…

I have been running like a demon despite been run off my feet….

And not in a fun running way either 😦 Continue reading

Hide those delicate eyes or ears…

Turn away now if you are easily offended!

Today I am going to tell you about grey growlers the size of the Karangahape Gorge!!

he he he....

he he he….

Actually Kerre Woodham is….

Ha ha, That Kerre is a laugh!!

Her latest book is a scream and she is right on the money in what she says!

Grey growlers that no amounts of vaginal creams can assist and the like!! Continue reading

Urgh….Feel LIKE I have bathed in SUGAR!!

Talk about sugar overkill!

need to bathe in this!

need to bathe in this!

Contrary to my own words, I don’t really have a sweet tooth UNLESS It is in my sight!

If the sweet things are not visible, MOST of the time, I don’t crave it.

However, like many, in times of stress, it becomes my bud, bud, best buddy:) Continue reading

Woooh!! Its AUGUST!!

Yep, next step XMAS:)  Argh!


July, bit of a write off for me, a bit of a splutter month…stop, start, stop….exercise wise.

I had the WHOLE of last week off!

Yes, WHOLE! No running, no nothing….I lie, I ran on Monday and then NOTHING until yesterday!

That was after my piss poor effort the week before as well.. Continue reading