Sometimes it’s hard to remember …..


that you are an adult……

Why do we need to act like an adult all the time?

Did I say I teach hospitality and retail to teenagers? Continue reading


Grrr- Stupid Arse!!

back to the old smoking and food again…A right old rant here 🙂

this article, yes, I know a little old now , annoys me……

yep!! rage…

I just think when you are stopping you don’t need that sort of thing, like you are a dumb arse and to be honest, you can only do one thing at a time. Like when you are stopping you want the added stress of having to choose food wisely but it is more that the article reads like you are a moron!! Continue reading

Grrrrr Rant ALERT!!

HA HA, you will think ” god hope she doesn’t go AWOL again as this is what we get when she returns” ….

Maybe too much time to think………

Now in my mind, smokers should use ALL methods/help/support etc available to stop.They should not be castigated for using certain methods.As I have said prior, I don’t LIKE NRT because I don’t believe it helps you stop in the long run and I think it is just too tied up with the Government,, government funding, cigarette tax and their policies. It is very murkey waters..BUT should you stop using NRT , who am I to go on at you?

Now what has really pissed me off in today’s rant, is the NZ Quitline.

They are on my front page……………..

I have the utmost respect and will promote this site as I found this to be a great blogging tool and stop smoking tool when I stopped smoking.The other day, I posted an entry on there as I do often about funny or quirky stuff or just to support smokers quitting. My post was declined because the powers that be had decided that I had mentioned the WHY QUIT website too much!!

Quitline is supposed to be FOR SMOKERS!! Why not post it and let smokers decide as it is for them!! There is no financial gain for me or anyone who is sending people to that WHY QUIT site. I support it because it helped me and I truly believe in it. It is hard-core BUT it works!! Quitline should support all methods to quit that are sensible. Granted if I said, I starved for a week and then ate cat poo and that helped me, sure, i would be skeptical and remove a potentially dangerous post too…….

But I am suggesting ways to help people smoking and they say that is self promotion!! I don’t own WHY QUIT…………..and neither does the creator of it…………MADNESS

Go figure.


No wonder people bloody smoke:) But not us….