Now what did I say about the weight the other day?

Grr Scales!!

Grr Scales!!

Sure enough, my weight is back under what it was after that 2 kg overnight leap!! Continue reading



‘Mental’ is a word that we use often in NZ, the Aussies use it too.

I have never heard any other nationality say it though?

I know that some people perceive it as being rude or offensive..but its not meant to be.


I like mental or nutty or something along those lines, mental illness is too serious sounding for me . Continue reading

Smoking News 17/07/2012:


Well its almost hump day…………..after 12, wednesday, we all know its all downhill till friday!!

Looks pretty quiet on the smoking and tobacco front today:)



Just the 2 today….

Be good until tomorrow:)

Have a great smoke free day



World Smoking News Weekend Round up:

23 & 24th June 2012.

Greetings all………..Sadly another weekend draws to a close and its back to work 😦

So lets look at whats rocking in the world of tobacco and smoking!!






Quit For life: Jamie Mushin:

A 2011/2012 book, so all new and new up to date methods? The Author is an ex – smoker, a motivational speaker, trainer and coach. He is Australian, we won’t hold that against him though….Sadly, quite a thick book, which I don’ t like BUT you may!!

He starts by saying we may be wondering “Why in god’s name is someone writing another stop smoking book?”  Not quite in those words but you get the idea. Jamie states his book is for those among us who have not been successful with other books to date. Hmm, well if we were successful, we wouldn’t be reading his book, would we?

This book is for those who have already decided to stop smoking and know they are ready to do so. I like that he says this books is not the ONLY answer to becoming a non smoker, neither is it the only way.Great, Like that BUT then he has to say that it is simple and stress free method. ARGH!!! and are you excited???

Please, I hate to be a cynic but excited to stop? Even though I REALLY wanted to stop, I was not excited. Are alcoholics excited to give up the drink? ERR probably not. Jamie talks about “MINDFULNESS” and how this will help in your stopping. When you have an urge for a cigarette, then you need to practice mindfulness, which is as follows: you need to take a 60 second time out to sit with that feeling. You need to determine where that feeling comes from and see if you can discover where that sensation is located. If you can’t then you need to see if it is really a sensation or your mind telling you ,you need a cigarette. If you can locate the sensation, then watch the sensation without judgement. Allow it to be there and don’t get frustrated or watch it.After 60 seconds or when the sensation has dissipated, get on with your day.

Okkkkkk. That sounds JUST great!! Sensation my arse, craving is what it is called, Jamie, you knob head!! God, this book started off with so much promise, and now it has descended down into moron territory!!Because it started with promise, I will pretend I did not read all that tosh and carry on…..

Jamie turns to looking at why you smoke, are you ready to stop, what if you like smoking? Setting goals, but then he really gets into this mindfulness ,a little bit at the end of each chapter and then big chunks throughout the book!! URGH!!

There is nice personal stories in there but most of it, is like all other smoking books apart from the silly mindfulness, which really is just a jazzed up version of mind games with oneself , self talk or self-hypnosis!!  Now if that works for you and you can do it, then it will help you and it maybe the book for you.

Sadly this is not groundbreaking. It’s just another recipe of the plain old choccie cake folks!! Sorry…….. and if the plain old choccie cake did it for us we wouldn’t be looking for new jazzed up versions!!

Thumbs down as it’s not new, it’s the same old crap, different day……..However like I say, it may work for you !!

World Smoking News: Weekend Round up:


Chips- and a smoke after this???

16 & 17/06/2012

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!

Already for arsey work tomorrow!!

Lets have a look at the weekends smoking news!!

Photo smoking warnings studied:

Smoking hotlines can flag problem drinking:

Blindness, one more reason to quit smoking:

The Ultimate anti-smoking king hit:

Hope you had a great smoke free WEEKEND!!



Breathe, Freedom:Kevin Alderson:

A Comprehensive and hypnotic approach to quitting smoking.

 I need to say this straight off. I don’t like this book BUT this doesn’t mean it will not help you. People don’t like cold turkey but I did, you may not like hypnotherapy but your friend may. Consider the book if you are looking to stop because until you look at many methods, you may not find what is right for you.This is why there are so many stop smoking books because we all need different methods.

I know this sounds weird but the book is just creepy. It is too find your inner light touchy feely for me. BUT like, I said, it may work for you. Me, I like straight up, no bullshit looking at your inner child crap or stupid mind games because the smokes play enough tricks as it is!!

It is a nice thin book (which I like, as you know) and the Author is a Psychologist with many credentials which he states very early on BUT as I have said before you can have qualifications coming out your razoo but unless you can get there on a level with the smokers or addicts, and really relate to what it’s all about (not just what theory tells you) what good does all the paper do you? It claims a 50% success rate but like with all stats, I am skeptical until I see how those figures were gathered.

The book starts with a lot of stats and references which put me off straight away as we know that, smokers aren’t dumb!! We want methods that will help us stop. Too many people have proven that scaring smokers doesn’t work for, smokers just bury their heads in the ashtray and ignore it. Most of the book is a story about a boy called Freedom who was bullied, joined a gang and smoked and then broke through of the evil weed through his martial arts Sensei. All through out this prose is embedded self-hypnosis suggestions to help you quit.

I thought “Whatever’ yep, like I can relate to that”. Some people may find this book helpful but for me personally it’s just creepy and let’s get in touch with your inner self type hoopla, which for me personally doesn;t sit well with stop smoking.I found the tone in the book patronising , I didn’t like that it was told in a story form,as if you were too stupid to understand the higher message in any other way.  I don’t need to hear the tale of some boy who started smoking and how he learned his life lessons to give up smoking.The saying “Keep it simple, stupid”, is so appropriate in many things and I think stopping methods is one of them.

The last third of the book goes over the Breathe freedom smoking plan with you which mainly consists of self-hypnosis and abdominal breathing exercises and a few other lists to do,  like what you will if you get urges!! Probably think of the boy Freedom in the story?? I would need self-hypnosis to think that book could help me stop 😦

What did I like about it? Nothing, sorry, I lie. The end , that’s what I liked. It was rubbish.

Big Thumbs DOWN…


How True!! I keep forgetting to post this………

This is so true. Until you look at yourself like this, you will have trouble stopping. You need to look at yourself as an addict because that is what you are as a smoker.


I used to say to myself, at least I am not a dirty junkie, in my smugness.Or a smelly wino!! Ha ha I was a stinky smoker that would have scavenged in the gutter if need be!! Isn’t that funny, there is always someone who we view to be worse…….and as LONG as we are not like them, then that excuses our addiction (to ourselves that is!!). In reality, I was exactly like this, ADDICTED!! The only difference was I did not need to shoot up nicotine.