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Lollies, Fruit cake, Chocolate, Jelly Lollies, Jelly Joiners, Coconut Rough…

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Paul McKenna:Quit Smoking today:

Yes, He is known primarily for being a hypnotist and self improvement author.

There is a separate section on hypnotism if you want more on hypnotism.

“If you weren’t born with a cigarette in your mouth, you had to train and condition yourself to smoke — and if you learned it, you can unlearn it.”
~Paul McKenna, PhD

Interesting theory. The book itself is relatively slim, which I know you probably think “What has that got to do with stopping smoking?” Well think about it!! It does. Do you want a book that is as thick as Lord of the Rings? Nope, you want something that looks easy and to be honest how much is there to say on stopping smoking at the end of the day? Not a lot, there is inifinte material on stopping methods but to stop itself, ALL you need to do is STOP!! Can’t say more than that.

This book says that you will STOP smoking and not gain weight, if you follow Paul’s principles that is. He doesn’t promise miracles though and states clearly you need to WANT to stop.

The book itself, is easy to read, (Paul says so himself ) it has a matey tone to it, Paul is serious but he is trying to do something similar to Allan Carr when he takes a friends tone with you and doesn’t bombard you with stats and figures you already know about. Plus the book is not weighed down with technical/ medical or scientific jargon, you then need to get a dictionary to decipher.

There is a bonus CD that you listen to daily to reinforce what is being said in the book and to communicate with your subconscious.

Paul states that smoking is a habit and all habits are regulated by the unconscious mind and through hypnosis, we are able to communicate to this part of our mind.

The book is divided into seven sections, each which follow on from the other and are like a reprogramming in regards to how you feel about smoking. Each section has a FAQ at the end of it.

In section two, Paul looks at “Why you used to smoke” and he gets you to do certain exercises around smoking, looks at stress and smoking ,creating a clam anchor without smokes and taking control. Section three looks at “Changing your habits” and the power of associations.Section four looks at a “Healthy You”, changing the way you think about being healthy. Section five covers “Never Again” and getting over that threshold. Section six looks at “Cravings” and ending them and the science of addiction. Section seven is about creating a positive future and there is a final bonus section on not gaining weight when quitting and the golden rules for that. The book has a list of techniques to use to change how you think about smoking and how you then act.

Would this help me stop? In all honesty, I don’t think so, not me personally. I like simple things which is a bonus in this book BUT I read it and thought, “That’s it?, Nah can’t be that simple?” Now it could be but to be that skeptical straight off???  But that is not to say it will not help others. It depends on what YOU want and need. For me, I liked the Allen Carr tone to it, keep it simple type thing and not be bombarded with facts. I also liked that it was not some weirdo mumbo jumbo that i thought “whatever” to and the CD is a good reinforcer. Paul McKenna is so right in the fact that you need to change how you think about smoking.

Down side? Paul McKenna is not alone in this (even Allen Carr lacked this unless you went to his courses) is the SUPPORT!! You need it, whether its online blogging, forums, telephone, face to face, groups, one on one…. You all know what I mean. You need support and sadly a lone book does not give one that support. The book just made me too skeptical.

Here are some links to what others thought:










Look into my eyes!! Hypnotism:

Who has visions of “look into my eyes?” or the creepy guy on Little Britain who is the Hypnotherapist?

I think many people do! Like acupuncture , hypnosis can be an effective aid to stop smoking for some people. As hypnosis deals more with the mental side of the addiction ( which would ease the physical) it maybe more successful than acupuncture for some individuals. Like all addictions, smoking is very mentally focused and often it is not our physical addiction (as most nicotine has gone from the body in 72 hours)  that trips us up but our mental attitude to stopping.

Please remember, like all professionals you may visit, check out who you intend on seeing: Look at at their credentials, are they registered? Has someone you know visited them or recommended them? Just as you would for a doctor or dentist, do your homework. Here in NZ , hypnotherapists have to be registered so that is a good place to start looking for someone if you have no recommendations from people you trust. I am sure your country has a similar registration of health professionals.I have listed a few registration bodies below in various countries.






What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is concentrated relaxation. In other words, hypnotism allows a person to relax, while focusing on a particular problem or desired result. It’s not just relaxing or falling asleep. During hypnotherapy, you relax your mind and body, moving past the guard of your conscious mind, to the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind constantly edits and grades and judges your thoughts and inputs. Your subconscious mind is a sponge waiting to absorb whatever you give it. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Therefore, if you can get past the locked gates of your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, you can feed the subconscious “imagined reality.” So if you can imagine yourself as a non-smoker, your subconscious mind will accept that as reality.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind you can change your actual behavior. Hypnosis is the key to removing the barrier your conscious mind places in front of you, and reaching the subconscious.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

The short answer is Yes! Hypnotism isn’t some magical, mystical trance that someone places on you by swinging a watch back and forth. Instead, it is a natural state of your most amazing brain. When you access your subconscious, you are basically using self-hypnosis. Probably the most obvious example of this is when you are driving a car and begin to relax your mind and think about something other than the road in front of you. Five, maybe ten minutes later, you arrive at your destination and suddenly realize you are there, but you don’t consciously remember driving yourself there! You entered your subconscious mind. This is very similar to self-hypnosis. (this links to an article and video that discuss the hurdles to quitting smoking and provides some simple self-hypnosis exercises you can do right now).

Should I Go to a Hypnotherapist to Quit Smoking?

Today, there are so many options for smokers who want to quit. The nicotine patch and nicotine gum are widely available, as are so many other helpful quit smoking aids. Hypnotism to stop smoking is an excellent way to end your smoking habit because the success rates are possibly double that of the patch and gum. You can also use hypnosis together with other stop smoking programs like the patch to achieve even better results.

There are a couple of ways that you can use hypnosis to stop smoking:

  1. Self-hypnosis
  2. Hypnotherapy by a certified hypnotherapist

Self-hypnosis involves using techniques to relax yourself, and guide yourself through the images that can make quitting smoking work. This technique can take practice and time to master.

A hypnotherapist is typically certified (or should be) and has specific training and expertise to help you relax and guide you using specific images and words that work to help a person quit smoking. Some hypnotherapists will offer a one-session program, while some may suggest multiple sessions to make sure you succeed.

A third alternative is really a combination of these first two methods: a recorded program produced by a professional, that you listen to in the comfort of your own home or office. This option is far less costly than visiting a hypnotist in person, and it gives you flexibility and repeatability in your program. Click here to read a review of a stop smoking with hypnosis program. There are audio hypnosis programs and video hypnosis program to help you quit smoking.

Bottom Line: Can Hypnosis Help Me Quit Smoking?

Multiple studies have shown that using hypnosis to quit smoking works in a high percentage of cases-as high as 66%. While hypnosis may not be for everybody, it can aid in reducing stress, which is one of the reasons many smokers report that they smoke in the first place.

Hypnosis for smoking provides two main benefits:

  1. Reduced stress and/or learning techniques for controlling stress
  2. Effecting change in attitudes, beliefs and associations towards smoking, thus enabling elimination of the smoking habit”.


Below is a link to many many many FAQ about hypnosis!! It is great…….Everything you could possibly think to ask!!


Stay Strong and SMOKE FREE!!

Have a good day 🙂

Cold Turkey anyone??

WhyQuit.com - a free online quit smoking support group for cold turkey quitters

I just want to say first off that the http://whyquit.com/ site is the BEST site in the world for cold turkey. I didn’t want to take nicotine replacement products or chemical products but didn’t think i could do it cold turkey but this site and the http://www.quit.org.nz/ site really helped me do it . I will do a post for both sites separately as methods in quitting as each deserves its own post:)


This is the main method I used to quit. I am its greatest fan BUT don’t think, I am slagging you off  if you did it another way. I am not. As I have said and will say repeatedly


As I have said, I don’t like nicotine replacement and pills but that is just me, I am not slamming others because to me, you stop how you stop. I just don’t like pills/potions in general so that is why that did not appeal to me. It’s not I don’t believe in pills or medicines or have weirdo natural ideas because I don’t and I make sure my children have the best medicine can offer but for me after having a hideous experience with drugs years ago, I am very very careful what I take, hence why me smoking was so hypocritical. Here I would not take nurofen unless rolling on the floor in agony, yet I was happy to puff, puff, puff away!!

I don’t take anything unless really dire and even though this was dire, I still could not do it. You need to what is right for you personally, I think that makes a big difference. Once you stop trying to push yourself into that round hole (ha ha square pegs) and devise something for you, then you are on the way. I know people who used patches, websites, natural pills/ herbal smokes, prayers, support groups, books and many more. What is important is to STOP.

Although it doesn’t matter how you stop,  I really think that not relying on one method has to be good as if that one method trips you up, then you still have other methods in place and they may get you through but if you stop and that one single method doesn’t work, then you have every reason to go “ oh well, cant do it”……….but using a variety of methods utilising many methods, you are not allowing yourself any wiggle room in a sense.I think this is where cold turkey is good as you do employ other methods to help you get through.

I did notice that more and more studies are coming out that show nicotine replacement is not the be all and end of smoking cessation.


This is an interesting article and it basically sums up how I feel about it.

As I have said and will say a thousand times more though, you stop how YOU stop, there is no right or wrong list, sort of like childbirth………Yes, there are ones there who crow about doing it ‘natural’ but the fact is some women can’t have natural childbirth or don’t want to and it is the same with smoking cessation.

Yes, personally I do think just stop, don’t make yourself reliant on more poisons but in a real world that wont happen as everyone is different. There will be people out there who can go to the dentist and do it ‘naturally’, now I can’t, that is my one exception where I go for the MAXIMUM of drugs, in fact I would be knocked out completely if it was possible EVERY time but it’s not. Smoking is the same, some can do it without chemical aids etc and some can’t- who cares as long as you stop. That is the main objective here.

So Cold turkey? how do you do it?

I have to say, it’s a goodie as , you don’t need special equipment or anything, its free, you can’t say you are waiting for anything or other people as it’s all on you!! For me, it meant the beginning may have been harder as i only had myself (and lollies and cranberries) to help lessen the cravings but then as i only once tried patches years ago for a half a day, i didn’t know any other way. But within 12 hours , most of the nicotine (http://www.quit.org.nz/20/reasons-to-quit/health-benefits) is out of the body so you know the cravings are mainly psychological which are way harder than the physical cravings. All you need to do is stop!!

To help myself, I changed my routine for the first few weeks so I wasn’t putting myself in any situations where I would have additional stress or temptation. I didn’t go outside for breaks or lunch for about 9 months, I think.You do I think,  get more unpleasant physical side effects with Cold turkey but as I said, the bulk of that goes after 3-4 days, then its just mental torture and that comes with most withdrawal methods unless you are heavily sedated.

I will leave you today with one of my original blogs at day 112.

“HELP !!!

God talk about get behind thee satan……………
Last night i was lying there in my warm bed, just before going to sleep and i had this OVERWHELMING need to smoke a craving unlike others!!!
God only knows what stopped me but it seemed to last forever!!!
And then again this morning, only briefly this morning but still…………..
I think it is to remind me the addiction is always there>……………Who knows……………..I am at 112 days but still these things come up…………..
Really really wanted to smoke………………………Need some more cranberry juice as that helps the cravings…………………
anyhow any advice on this period would be great i know 3-4 months can be testing but i am almost over that time…………………………..so fingers, toes etc crossed…………………”

And as you know, I did get over i, t as here i am 4 + years later,  still smoke free. 🙂

Stay strong and smokefree.

You can do this !! 🙂

Yes, now a very ugly ugly bit!!

shhhhhhhh Exercise!! Argh…

This is so me !!

No way to make this pretty I am afraid and i know when I say this to you now, you will go WHATEVER!!!  ” Hello, what planet is she on?” or “goody-goody lick arse!!”

There are some VERY VERY VERY and just in case you have not got it yet, VERY ugly bits in stopping smoking and this for many is one of them.

Exercise will save your sanity at times when you stop smoking.

Ha ha , Like this is real!!

The two lovely smiley ladies above, well what a crock of shit!! One I have never looked that good running, wore pants like that (the shorts are ok) running  and if I did, well, I wouldn’t be running and am I happy when I exercise?? Are you real? No, I am not bloody happy or smiling when I am exercising. But I do have to add in a small exception here and you will need to forgive me.

I do OCCASIONALLY smile to myself when I run. If I run an especially hard bit or i feel like stopping and my self-help talk (which is usually “run, piggy, run” or “Do you want that bloody cake at home? well run!!” err very positive. ) has helped :), then I do get this odd feeling of joy. Do I smile when I finish any exercise? you bet and it’s a genuine smile then too. Especially if I have done my weights, I HATE WEIGHT EXERCISES.GRRRRRRRR!!I love running, I really do but the rest, nah, you can take it and bugger off!! Why do I like running? not sure, just do. Lets me think I suppose and you CAN NOT SMOKE being a runner. I used to run before i stopped smoking but it was very much a like but mostly hate thing as smoking and running are not good mates. But once, I flicked the fags, it was love at, well not first run, but maybe love on the occasional run.

Exercise, it takes your mind off the smokes and you do feel better after a while it gives you a kick too!! You may even replace one addiction for another. 🙂 I found the exercise really helped me,  it meant for 30-90 mins, I didn’t think about smoking and in the early days, that’s important as sometimes it comes down to getting through the next minute, the next 5 minutes or maybe an hour if you are strong. People say take it day by day, fuck thinking of the next day or later that day, it’s the here and now with stopping smoking sometimes. You have to take it at times in small small portions so it’s not overwhelming. At times,when I stopped when something bad would happen or irritate me, I would get that feeling of wanting a cigarette so bad, had I been in a position to for that split second(and that is all it is) I would have probably taken them because you almost lose all reasoning.If a dirty old drunk had said “give me a blowjob for a smoke” , I would have. But remember what I said, its a split second but it FEELS like forever. Once I recall wanting a cigarette so badly if I hadn’t been running for a bus and I needed to get that bus, I would have got down on my knees and cried, that’s how intense that craving was, so I know what that horrible, horrible wanting is like but you know you can beat it, I did and you can too.

How true!!

So what to do? Find something you like. Walking, weights, dancing, pole dancing, line-dancing, stairmasters, skipping, playing with kids at park, rugby, what ever, what ever, whatever !! What is important is something you like or may like and will take your mind off smoking for that time. Plus have to say, makes you feel good, helps you lose that smoking weight and even means you can eat more sometimes!! and its only 60-90 minutes a day.

Just go and do some, you don’t need to run. I run as it’s totally about being alone and I like to challenge myself to do better and better which I can do with running…….but I have to concentrate on the running so there’s no time for the smoke thoughts. Exercise doesn’t have to be about torture as when you stop smoking, that will do it for you JGet something you like, you know even walking but something you like, join a group, who knows, it’s up to you but it will make you feel better and like I said distract you.

So tomorrow I will look at first steps to stopping……if I don’t get sidetracked and we talk about something else…

Off to eat my Kuchen I made…………..apple, apricot and almond kuchen…..and it TASTES fabulous!!

Have a good one!