Suggggaaarrrrr Monster!!


Sugar Sugar Sugar….

I feel like a HUGE sugar binge.

Lollies, Fruit cake, Chocolate, Jelly Lollies, Jelly Joiners, Coconut Rough…

Doughnuts filled with creme patisserie or cream, French pastries…

Ginger Crunch, Caramel slice maybe even biscuits!

God, not a biscuit eater so when thoughts turn to biscuits, you know its …

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Run, Run, Run….and a little rowing….

Day three of Janathon now done and dusted!!

Love the running:)

Love the running:)

47 minute, 8.06km run….25 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes rowing machine and 10 minutes plyometric exercises……….!!!

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World Smoking News 03/06/2012

Hope you are all having a GREAT SMOKE FREE day!!

Tomorrow it is Queens birthday here in the Land of the Long White Cloud (err not from smoking )  so it’s a holiday, gotta be good!! Mmmmm so what will happen when we are no longer the Land of the long white cloud and no one smokes? Something to ponder….

So today’s news!! 

All you sports fans:

Fines for smokers in parks in Ajman:


Interesting Editorial :


Smokers anyone? Are we allowed to call them that now?

Old but interesting. Banning kids sweets that look like SMOKES.  Are we getting extreme? I loved these as a kid! And remember chocolate smokes?


Have a good one!!

Stay Strong and smoke-free.