Like Crack BUT better…

hard yakka 2

Tis this indescribable joy that running brings…

Its like this big bubble before it bursts.

It makes me want to bounce.

Years ago I used to bounce on my toes when I got excited. Continue reading


Get with the program!!


There are many awesome websites for weights / strength programs.

Maybe that is the problem…

Too many and not knowing what to choose??

I have used Tribe sports in the past for some variety in what I am doing or getting ideas. Continue reading

Lady Marmalade…

Love it!!

moulin rougeJust added a few new songs to my running playlist as there was going to be Madness indeed if I listened to”Driving in my car ” or ” Embarrassment”  any longer!!

Britney Spears would indeed be hit one more time!! Continue reading

Oh where, Oh where can all the plasters be?

Where o where are you?

Where o where are you?

Know what these are? Yes, me too.

But they have disappeared into the Bermuda sock and many other things triangle that exists in our house. Continue reading