Maybe I could be a rower??

rowing 1

New Zealanders are good rowers…

However I don’t think that is me and to excuse the pun, the boat has really gone out on that one I think.

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Christmas Eve….Christmas Eve in NZ….

Well it is here now for me as we are the first in the world I believe to see Xmas….

Nope I lie, it is Chatham islands (which is NZ anyhow) , and Christmas Island, then the rest of NZ an hour later…

But pretty much so…

Hmm, there are some advantageous in being at the arse end of nowhere sometimes:)

It is BLOODY hot here now and its raining!! MUGGY!!

Does it feel like Xmas ? No…..

Aotearoa....Arse end of it all!!

Aotearoa….Arse end of it all!!

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You need something to make you happy…..

You know, you HAVE to have something in the gloom and doom times that just make you feel better seeing them…

It may only be a smidgen but there is that slight shift away from the black hole…

My thing is cats and……

Love, Love, Love Cat bags..No,I haven’t gone mental.


Speaking of mental and digressing ever so slightly…There is a film out at the moment called just that, “MENTAL”. Continue reading