Smoke Free in 30 Days: Daniel Seidman:

I know this sounds mad but I like the look and feel of this book. The thing is when we pick up a book, any book, we get that first impression and it lasts , unfortunately in some cases.

However, that Dr Oz (of Oprah Winfrey fame) is also involved made me very skeptical.

I am not saying Oprah endorses crap , she doesn’t but we all know an endorsement from Oprah can mean wonderful things for your book, product or career.

Daniel is a psychologist and a smoking cessation clinician at Columbia University Medical Centre. Bt as I have said before, that is not the major factor here. Smoke Free in 30 days promises straight forward methods to tailor to your needs (this is good) to help you stop smoking.He discusses Allen Carr and how his program differs (mainly with NRT) and how you can smoke while reading the book. This is a great comfort (I know as I did that with Allen Carr) that you don’t need to put the fags aside straight away.

Daniel states that many people fail to quit or even start to quit because of the fear. This is so true. He starts by looking at smoking and why you are doing it even though you want to quit and what sort of smoker are you? Situational, worried about weight, emotion triggered or scared to quit smoker? I like how he writes. There are facts but they are not there to make you feel stupid and he doesn’t talk in a way that is patronising. He explains addiction and you find yourself nodding as he words things just right. He looks at NRT (which I don’t like but accept) but he also looks at how depression could affect you if you stop. This is really important!! Especially if you take champix which has been found to make people more depressed. The book looks at other quit methods, awareness of cravings, quit dates, FAQ and tips to help you through each day.

I like this book. It is not condescending, it is not patronising and he doesn’t push any method in particular and I really like how he notes many times that stopping is individual and just because your mate stopped with ease and using xyz method, doesn’t mean it will work for you. There is a 30 day plan to help you through the first thirty days. Will it work? I don’t know but I would give it a go. He doesn’t use any weird mindfulness or over compensates with repeating how many degrees he has. He keeps it about the smoking, or more importantly, the stopping.

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