May Day, May Day….

Can you believe it?

May is here!!


Its going to be a fabulous month, I feel it in my running shoes! Continue reading


Get with the program!!


There are many awesome websites for weights / strength programs.

Maybe that is the problem…

Too many and not knowing what to choose??

I have used Tribe sports in the past for some variety in what I am doing or getting ideas. Continue reading

Ode to the Scorched Almonds…..

More on those beauties shortly.

Forgot to say……

That I did 30 minutes rowing on Sunday!!

Did you notice, that I slipped it in , in that workout 3 lots of ten minutes!!


yep, here we go!!

yep, here we go!!

Now granted, we are not talking Olympic standard here but I did 3200 metres each time…. Continue reading