Day Four & Five…Still alive!!

20141113_105914 (600x800)

Puss Puss says….”I am barely alive, all this running cuts into feeding and patting time!!”

Isn’t he just gorgeous?

He is very naughty and spoilt though…. Continue reading


If I was looking for a husband/wife….

I would marry me for bread alone…

That’s even before I get started on my running attributes!!

Yeah, being a bit skitey but my bread today was AWESOME!!

Went from being an over proved yeasty breast thing to a stupendous occhi & Mafalda with poppy-seed. Continue reading

Day 19!!!…And a different Ginger cat….

Can’t wait for a day off….

Need a bit of a kip like these buggers!!

Need a bit of a kip like these buggers!!

Mr Puss Puss assures me he is ready for February’s challenge…

So he is saving all his energy up now.

I am a little sceptical in all honesty.

Really didn’t feel like doing anything as my brother is here and you tend to slob around etc when you have people stay.

But he went off to explore parts we have seen many a time, so I went for a Run.

he he he- Always makes me laugh...

he he he- Always makes me laugh…

Janathon Day 19…

8.36 km and 48 minutes.

I found a cat too on my run , well I see lots, but this one looked a stray or dumped one.

He was very friendly, and hungry and skinny but he had 2 small lumps on his shoulder.

If i had been close to home I would have carried him home but I was too far from home and was worried he may jump out etc.

I am hoping he was someones cat, and just looked a bit rough:)

After I got home, I went back with food, water etc but he was nowhere to be seen, so hoping like buggery, he was someones:) and just having a wander.

Whitey girl...looking good...

Whitey girl…looking good…

I shall leave you today with Mr Puss Puss exceptionally happy at the HUGE cat food bag!!

He smooched it and rolled next to it….

Silly cat:)

Mr puss puss smoochy the HUGE cat food bag!!

Mr puss puss smooching the HUGE cat food bag!!