Day Ten….begin again!!

ha ha running

Yep, at it again, but then I could not think of a rhyme for twelve…

I will be crippled tomorrow…

That bloody treadmill was off again!!…

Think fate is telling me to get out on the road again… Continue reading


2017…Here we go…..

run alot

I suppose its too late to say, “Nah, not ready yet”…

Its not as if the bugger sneaks up on you.

Oh well, lets get on with it then!! Continue reading

Grrr- Stupid Arse!!

back to the old smoking and food again…A right old rant here ūüôā

this article, yes, I know a little old now , annoys me……

yep!! rage…

I just think when you are stopping you don’t need that sort of thing, like you are a dumb arse and to be honest, you can only do one thing at a time. Like when you are stopping you want the added stress of having to choose food wisely but it is more that the article reads like you are a moron!! Continue reading

Grrrrr…..Guilt and Shame!!

Err who doesn’t know these guys?? Guilt and shame, stomp, stomp, stomp!

And they are hard to get rid of too!!

Bloody hell, this is what happens when you think too much too early in the morning!!

What , you may ask has brought this on?


Hard life, as you can see!!

Hmm, just looking!!

In the sun

Yes, I know, you are thinking she has gone mad!! But no, I haven’t I promise.

As you can see, it is a HARD HARD life for our cats. This morning I was reading Simon Daubney’s “Stop Smoking” book and it said what about your pets and secondhand smoke? You know, I had NEVER EVER even given it a thought when i smoked. NEVER EVER. Believe me, these cats are considered A LOT!! I have told hubby to sleep on the couch rather than move the cats from his side of the bed:) and i gladly share my steak with them and will sit for hours while they sit on my knee and not move so i don’t disturb them!

Can you now see why I feel guilty? I think that many of you will say the same thing. I love those rat bags to bits and i just never considered them. You know i used to smoke outside , I NEVER EVER SMOKED INSIDE ONCE I HAD KIDS!! but i never thought of my fluffsters!!

 I will need to compensate, believe me. They have been giving me the cat evils all morning, no matter that two of them we did not have when I smoked:) (4+ years ago now) but I feel, I will need to compensate. There will be NO possibility of sitting near the heater in the near future or any heat source for that matter. Not that I get a look in now!! there may even be extra cat treats and pats and steak involved as well.

Birds too are especially sensitive to smoke and i have birds too!! I knew this but I didn’t if that makes sense. i never smoked inside but I am sure sometimes the smoke drifted in near them ūüė¶

So bear this mind, if you smoke and have pets!! For some of us, it may help give us that nudge to stop smoking.

Have a Great SMOKE FREE DAY!!

Be strong, you CAN DO IT!!

Grrr Insane Weight Rantings!!


GRRRRR!! in fact double GRRRR!!! GRRRR!!!


Why are these two things so tormenting? You know I thought when I stopped smoking , I could use the same principles to weight loss but NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! Not a chance in hell.

What annoys me the most with weight is that you try hard and it still pisses you off.

The silly thing about all this is that I still think to some degree that I will be rewarded for stopping smoking in my weight loss endevours!!   Ha, ha, ha , what a joke!! No, there has been no good karma on that front!!

For example, I¬†am doing this 12¬†week fitness¬†challenge. The exercise each day is really hard (yes, that is what i wanted and needed) and you are on a lower calorie allowance than usual which means¬†I feel tired and exhausted but I¬†am doing it. I expect because I am doing what I should,¬†my results should be good!!¬† BUT BUT BUT …….

Yesterday, its weigh in day, all good!! Best day ever, you all know the feeling!!!

Yay, yay, yay!!¬†Lost .9kg, then today, and I¬†know weight fluctuates¬†and every other story and i¬†shouldnt weigh myself every day but I¬†do and what happens! I FUCKING WEIGH MORE THAN 1 KG HEAVIER THAN YESTERDAY!!! IN like 14 hours!! and I¬†have eaten enough for a sparrow and run my arse off!! Now as I said, I know all the reasonable explanations BUT I DON’T CARE!! I want those bastard scales to weigh less or the same each day!

Yes, I know I shouldnt weigh every day BUT I DO!!

Weight has as much as a grip¬†on me as smokes did , at times!! Sometimes I think WHO CARES!! I will eat what I¬†like!! Then I usually have a bingy¬†sugary and salty trip for a week or so and then feel¬†yucky so I¬†go back to my normally pretty good eating. The thing though with this , as i¬†usually don’t gain any weight from this period of eating rubbish!! Yet as soon as I eat clean again, what happens??? I gain weight!! It is sooooooooo¬†FRUSTRATING!! Why can’t I¬†flick it off like smokes? Well, it wasn’t quite that easy but you know what i¬†mean. I know this is insane thinking, yet I¬†still persist in allowing¬† a pair of scales or how my pants fit to rule my life. I have on occasion¬†found really nice clothing but it has been a size larger than I normally wear¬†(as we all know how sizes vary) ,well, I¬†won’t buy it!! My husband says ” no one else knows” and I know that but I KNOW!! That is where the problem¬†lies….¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Bloody big GRRRRRRRR!! and a few F&^&ks for good measure!!

Why are we never happy with our weight? Do you know any one who is happy with their weight? Why does society constantly make us think all things are judged by weight or how we look? You know apart from stopping smoking, when¬†I¬†lose weight, it’s the¬†best high ever. Most actions pale in comparison to weight loss and the most pathetic thing is, is that we are talking 1-3 kgs max………That is so SAD!!

Why do we allow society to dictate that we feel that way? I can go out feeling good and then I see someone I perceive to be smaller than me and suddenly, I don’t feel good and I feel that people also then think I am a heifer!! It is just insane. I look at my youngest son , 12, who is a normal sized gangly boy, now to my eyes he is small but I am his height and¬†smaller than him but in my eyes, I am not like that at all……..I am about 10 sizes larger!! Insane!!

With that mouthful, I shall bid you arrivederci for the day!!




Grrrrrr, Do You Wonder ?

Why people go into their place of employment and shoot people?or go mad?

Pure frustration, I would say and dealings with idiot morons.

I am not saying we need to go quite to that extreme but dealing with morons all day is exceptionally taxing!!

No wonder people want to drink, smoke and all those things!!

Let me tell you about my temporary job. I noticed the other day that on my timesheet everyday i was listed as being 5-10 minutes late every day, yet i was there 1-2 minutes before hand. Apparently I am supposed to be logged in and ready to work at the stroke of the starting hour. Now that is fine but what is not fine, is they expect me to come in early , 5-10 minutes UNPAID and sign in so i can start straight away on the hour!! Then when you finish , you need to finish 2 minutes past the hour, once again unpaid. It is like HELLO???? that is not going to be happening.

Normally when you work in places, there is give and take and you don’t mind complying with above as other good factors weigh it out BUT believe me, no give and take here at all so there will be no giving by me, I am afraid ūüôā

To get another job in the organisation (and they actively try to recruit within and then wonder why there are vacancies?? ) you need to have a recommendation from the manager where you are. ¬†So for example, in my case, I take a job as I need the $$$ but the job is shite, the money is shite, the workers are good but the management are shitey assholes. For me to get out of the shitey job into one where I maybe able to use some of my skills rather than the extravagant 2 % I use now,I need a recommendation from my manager. Until I work to a standard my current manager thinks is good, no recommendation for another job. Another job that bears no relation to the crappy one, one that allows me to use my prior experience, hello??? ¬†Duhhhhhhhhh? Plus how you do in one job (especially if you hate it) bears no relation to how you will in another job in a TOTALLY different field!! GRRRRRRRRR. And as he informed me, ¬†he couldn’t consider recommending me at the moment as he is short-staffed!! Like that is my fault or problem!! So you need to stay in the said arsey job because the company sucks¬†and can’t hold staff but its in no way is that the company’s fault , it’s the people who work for them!!

No bloody wonder most of the staff there smoke and no wonder it is full of people desperate (like moi!!) for work or ¬†fresh from overseas and need the job to get a visa else wouldn’t consider working there in their right minds!!

Hmm and I wonder why the turn over of staff is so high???Don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work that one out!! GRRRRRRRRRR

Am I looking for another job!! HELL YES!!

AND don’t even get me started on the clients………………We are talking ones where you want to ram your head into the wall constantly and REALLY REALLY need to bite your toungue not to say “Are you serious?”….

Stay strong and stay smoke free!!