January 114….Cunningness Part Two:

MIRACLESSo we end January on 114 km & 12 runs total.

Not bad for a tired old girl ):

An average of 9.5 km per run.

27.1 km per week. Continue reading


Vomit or Wee?

love thisHmm hard choice…

You know that feeling when you have run so fast (not usually me) or done such a mammoth hill or hill work  (more me)that when your heart rate starts to decrease, you feel that you need to vomit or wee?

When you get to the top of that hill? Continue reading

Ummm…..Hello????? Are you Awesome?

I know, I deserve everyone to ignore me as I have been SLACK, SLACK, SLACK!!

And a little more slack…

Actually I have been so busy moving, I seriously have not had time to write.

As you know, I have been moving from one BIG CITY  to a wee town….

Auckland to Taupo….1.6 million to about 16,000 …. Continue reading

Why can’t we ignore FOOD?

I know , you are shaking your head in disbelief!!

This from one who makes food, lives food, teaches food,LOVES food!

One who tells people to be GREEDY!!

No, I promise, I am not being a hypocrite!!

But hear me out>>>>>>>>

Very Greedylicious!!

Very Greedylicious!!

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