How to Stop Smoking : Gillian Riley:

How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

Give up smoking WITHOUT gaining weight!! Gillian Riley.

“Forget ridiculous aversion techniques and repression and look your addiction straight in the eye!”

Pretty blunt and describes so many stop smoking books correctly. But will this book live up to its claims?

Relatively thin book which is good!! Not bogged down by surplus blah blah blah!!

The main technique here seems to be taking control and owning up to the fact that YOU have an addiction. It is a problem you yourself have created. I like this attitude because it is true. Yes, we do need support BUT until we admit to the problem, it won’t matter who we have support from. This book differs from others in that it doesn;t require to tell all and sundry you are stopping smoking because ultimately success is up to you not others.

The nature of addiction and the desire to smoke are looked at in the first few chapters in the book. It is similar in a sense to Allan Carr in that it states it is your fear and the need for you to stop for yourself and no others. The book looks at taking back control, weight gain and why smoking seems to help us. It has a plan to help you stop as well in the last few chapters.

Gillian Riley was a smoker and a overeater. She gives you an “outline’ on how to deal with smoking and your cravings. It is simple, smoke or don’t really. It is your choice!!

I like this book and I would use it to stop smoking.I would not use it for ideas like the 52 brilliant ideas book, but this would be a book to stop smoking with. Like Allen Carr’s book. It is similar to his book in its tone. I have to wonder is this because Gillian, like Allan smoked? They know the addiction first hand and it shows in their writing.