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Overcoming your Smoking Habit: David F Marks:

Ok, so here we go!! As I said many many books…………..But are they all successful?

This book is slightly older (2005) and it is endorsed by the US public health service,not that it means a lot to most of us or influences us in choosing books to help us stop smoking.

Have you tried and failed to give up smoking? Most smokers have. But Professor David Marks’s method has been scientifically evaluated, and the programme’s quit-smoking rates are among the highest on record, using a step-by-step week-long programme to help you stop smoking for good. Via highly acclaimed CBT techniques, proven effective in how to ‘re-programme’ your mind not to want to smoke, you will not have to rely on will power alone.”

This book looks at understanding your habit, how to stop smoking  and how to get a life as a non smoker.CBT techniques are used in the book to help you break that addiction. Author is an ex smoker so he understands that side of the addiction and it’s not all theory.

What is interesting (for me anyhow) is that the author lived in NZ for some time and developed the ISIS stop smoking programme and I did this programme and I have to say that while it was not successful long-term, I did stop for about a year or 18 months so it is successful but not for me long-term but I think it was more i was weak willed.See my link with this and looking and thinking of it now, yes, very much CBT methods!!

Two Golden Rules:

You smoke a cigarette every time you want one.

Practice the CBT exercise whenever you feel like smoking.

You do a series of exercises designed to deprogram your brain and its addictive thinking mode over a week whilst still smoking

You still need to choose a day and actually stop which is the main sticking point for most of us smoking but the notion is by then most of the deprogramming will be done so it will be easier to stop.

This is similar to the method I used (not the chain-smoking though) and it does make it easier but like I said, you still need to actually stop. My only scepticism with this method and other similar deprogramming methods, how can you change what you have been doing for years or decades in a week?

I like that the book is not get into the happy mode and stop smoking or its easy to stop or painless. That is crap!! Neither do you need to find your inner peace, mindfulness or any weirdo stuff………..

Despite the quickness in deprogramming years old thinking, I think this programme is a goer!! I give it a thumbs up and why not give it a try? Similar to Allen Carr with the brainwashing but it works.

Stay Strong and Smoke free!!

Quit For life: Jamie Mushin:

A 2011/2012 book, so all new and new up to date methods? The Author is an ex – smoker, a motivational speaker, trainer and coach. He is Australian, we won’t hold that against him though….Sadly, quite a thick book, which I don’ t like BUT you may!!

He starts by saying we may be wondering “Why in god’s name is someone writing another stop smoking book?”  Not quite in those words but you get the idea. Jamie states his book is for those among us who have not been successful with other books to date. Hmm, well if we were successful, we wouldn’t be reading his book, would we?

This book is for those who have already decided to stop smoking and know they are ready to do so. I like that he says this books is not the ONLY answer to becoming a non smoker, neither is it the only way.Great, Like that BUT then he has to say that it is simple and stress free method. ARGH!!! and are you excited???

Please, I hate to be a cynic but excited to stop? Even though I REALLY wanted to stop, I was not excited. Are alcoholics excited to give up the drink? ERR probably not. Jamie talks about “MINDFULNESS” and how this will help in your stopping. When you have an urge for a cigarette, then you need to practice mindfulness, which is as follows: you need to take a 60 second time out to sit with that feeling. You need to determine where that feeling comes from and see if you can discover where that sensation is located. If you can’t then you need to see if it is really a sensation or your mind telling you ,you need a cigarette. If you can locate the sensation, then watch the sensation without judgement. Allow it to be there and don’t get frustrated or watch it.After 60 seconds or when the sensation has dissipated, get on with your day.

Okkkkkk. That sounds JUST great!! Sensation my arse, craving is what it is called, Jamie, you knob head!! God, this book started off with so much promise, and now it has descended down into moron territory!!Because it started with promise, I will pretend I did not read all that tosh and carry on…..

Jamie turns to looking at why you smoke, are you ready to stop, what if you like smoking? Setting goals, but then he really gets into this mindfulness ,a little bit at the end of each chapter and then big chunks throughout the book!! URGH!!

There is nice personal stories in there but most of it, is like all other smoking books apart from the silly mindfulness, which really is just a jazzed up version of mind games with oneself , self talk or self-hypnosis!!  Now if that works for you and you can do it, then it will help you and it maybe the book for you.

Sadly this is not groundbreaking. It’s just another recipe of the plain old choccie cake folks!! Sorry…….. and if the plain old choccie cake did it for us we wouldn’t be looking for new jazzed up versions!!

Thumbs down as it’s not new, it’s the same old crap, different day……..However like I say, it may work for you !!

Paul McKenna:Quit Smoking today:

Yes, He is known primarily for being a hypnotist and self improvement author.

There is a separate section on hypnotism if you want more on hypnotism.

“If you weren’t born with a cigarette in your mouth, you had to train and condition yourself to smoke — and if you learned it, you can unlearn it.”
~Paul McKenna, PhD

Interesting theory. The book itself is relatively slim, which I know you probably think “What has that got to do with stopping smoking?” Well think about it!! It does. Do you want a book that is as thick as Lord of the Rings? Nope, you want something that looks easy and to be honest how much is there to say on stopping smoking at the end of the day? Not a lot, there is inifinte material on stopping methods but to stop itself, ALL you need to do is STOP!! Can’t say more than that.

This book says that you will STOP smoking and not gain weight, if you follow Paul’s principles that is. He doesn’t promise miracles though and states clearly you need to WANT to stop.

The book itself, is easy to read, (Paul says so himself ) it has a matey tone to it, Paul is serious but he is trying to do something similar to Allan Carr when he takes a friends tone with you and doesn’t bombard you with stats and figures you already know about. Plus the book is not weighed down with technical/ medical or scientific jargon, you then need to get a dictionary to decipher.

There is a bonus CD that you listen to daily to reinforce what is being said in the book and to communicate with your subconscious.

Paul states that smoking is a habit and all habits are regulated by the unconscious mind and through hypnosis, we are able to communicate to this part of our mind.

The book is divided into seven sections, each which follow on from the other and are like a reprogramming in regards to how you feel about smoking. Each section has a FAQ at the end of it.

In section two, Paul looks at “Why you used to smoke” and he gets you to do certain exercises around smoking, looks at stress and smoking ,creating a clam anchor without smokes and taking control. Section three looks at “Changing your habits” and the power of associations.Section four looks at a “Healthy You”, changing the way you think about being healthy. Section five covers “Never Again” and getting over that threshold. Section six looks at “Cravings” and ending them and the science of addiction. Section seven is about creating a positive future and there is a final bonus section on not gaining weight when quitting and the golden rules for that. The book has a list of techniques to use to change how you think about smoking and how you then act.

Would this help me stop? In all honesty, I don’t think so, not me personally. I like simple things which is a bonus in this book BUT I read it and thought, “That’s it?, Nah can’t be that simple?” Now it could be but to be that skeptical straight off???  But that is not to say it will not help others. It depends on what YOU want and need. For me, I liked the Allen Carr tone to it, keep it simple type thing and not be bombarded with facts. I also liked that it was not some weirdo mumbo jumbo that i thought “whatever” to and the CD is a good reinforcer. Paul McKenna is so right in the fact that you need to change how you think about smoking.

Down side? Paul McKenna is not alone in this (even Allen Carr lacked this unless you went to his courses) is the SUPPORT!! You need it, whether its online blogging, forums, telephone, face to face, groups, one on one…. You all know what I mean. You need support and sadly a lone book does not give one that support. The book just made me too skeptical.

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World Smoking News 11/06/2012:

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Oggy is the featured item today as I have had to ‘retire’ him for a bit from the background of the blog………..I love him to bits but you can’t read the blog with him in the back 😦

Today’s round up of the latest snippets of tobacco and smoking news is……

Smoking ban could help Wellington businesses:

Auckland to ban smoking in Public?

Land lord in California imposes ban in 2000 apartments:,0,7927635.story


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World Smoking News:10/06/2012:

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So todays interesting snippets???

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Smoking ban exemption a slap in the face :

Yomiuri Govt aims for 12% smoking rate:

Quebec sues Big Tobacco for $60 Billion:

Smokers should give up for their families, children if not thmeselves:

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Yep, more exercise bleating:

I know, hate, hate, hate and hate!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! But its GOOD FOR YOU!!

Ha ha, ok, serious though..Look at this below…I am not telling you anything that somewhere in your mind, you don’t already know 🙂

With the smoking, you need to employ as many methods and as much arsenal as possible because the nicodemon is a sneaky, crafty bugger!!

He will whisper in your ear………...”Argh, that didn’t help, why bother, why not just have a smoke!!” or  ” err ,that’s horrible, smoking feels much better than that” . 

Exercise is one way we can stamp that bloody voice out for good!! and stay quit for good!!

I was thinking today while I was running (as am doing a fitness challenge at the moment) and this is a thought I have had many times , “Do I need to do this for the rest of my life?”

It seems a bit too depressing to think about in that context. It is a long time and I can’t imagine how many sessions of exercise would be!! Hideous.

I hate to say it but I do feel better when I exercise BUT sometimes it can be such a hassle and I really don’t feel like doing it.

One thing I do remember about starting running again when I stopped smoking (and all exercise at that time) was I was really really unfit and I swore, never again would I let myself get so unfit. I could run with a struggle but anything else was terrible. I remember some gym sessions feeling like I would pass out, vomit or have a heart attack but it was because I was so unfit. So somewhere in my brain I associate those terrible feelings with smoking so that helps me not smoke again and retain some level of fitness.

I am not saying you need to run, but I have to say that sometimes even though a large part is not enjoyable, some of my running is near euphoric!! That runners high does exist……… and there is something similar in all exercise………….

So get out those walking shoes/ boots baby!! and walk, run, skip, jump, hike, swim, bike………….WHATEVER!! You have heard me say it before………….and I will say it again and again and again and again………….

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World Smoking News 06/06/2012:

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Various techniques to quit:

Smokers have higher surgical costs:

Shanghai residents want indoor smoking banned:

Cigarette Tax hike curbs pregnancy smokers:

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