Breathe, Freedom:Kevin Alderson:

A Comprehensive and hypnotic approach to quitting smoking.

 I need to say this straight off. I don’t like this book BUT this doesn’t mean it will not help you. People don’t like cold turkey but I did, you may not like hypnotherapy but your friend may. Consider the book if you are looking to stop because until you look at many methods, you may not find what is right for you.This is why there are so many stop smoking books because we all need different methods.

I know this sounds weird but the book is just creepy. It is too find your inner light touchy feely for me. BUT like, I said, it may work for you. Me, I like straight up, no bullshit looking at your inner child crap or stupid mind games because the smokes play enough tricks as it is!!

It is a nice thin book (which I like, as you know) and the Author is a Psychologist with many credentials which he states very early on BUT as I have said before you can have qualifications coming out your razoo but unless you can get there on a level with the smokers or addicts, and really relate to what it’s all about (not just what theory tells you) what good does all the paper do you? It claims a 50% success rate but like with all stats, I am skeptical until I see how those figures were gathered.

The book starts with a lot of stats and references which put me off straight away as we know that, smokers aren’t dumb!! We want methods that will help us stop. Too many people have proven that scaring smokers doesn’t work for, smokers just bury their heads in the ashtray and ignore it. Most of the book is a story about a boy called Freedom who was bullied, joined a gang and smoked and then broke through of the evil weed through his martial arts Sensei. All through out this prose is embedded self-hypnosis suggestions to help you quit.

I thought “Whatever’ yep, like I can relate to that”. Some people may find this book helpful but for me personally it’s just creepy and let’s get in touch with your inner self type hoopla, which for me personally doesn;t sit well with stop smoking.I found the tone in the book patronising , I didn’t like that it was told in a story form,as if you were too stupid to understand the higher message in any other way.  I don’t need to hear the tale of some boy who started smoking and how he learned his life lessons to give up smoking.The saying “Keep it simple, stupid”, is so appropriate in many things and I think stopping methods is one of them.

The last third of the book goes over the Breathe freedom smoking plan with you which mainly consists of self-hypnosis and abdominal breathing exercises and a few other lists to do,  like what you will if you get urges!! Probably think of the boy Freedom in the story?? I would need self-hypnosis to think that book could help me stop 😦

What did I like about it? Nothing, sorry, I lie. The end , that’s what I liked. It was rubbish.

Big Thumbs DOWN…



Grrr- Bugger off Black Dog!!

Do you think that giving up smoking makes you depressed? You know i am sure, mentally, I was healthier when I smoked. Or has giving up smoking unhinged me?

Bugger off!!

Or was I always unhinged?

When I stopped smoking, I really felt like I had lost my best mate and many many people say this and it is well documented. When you think about it logically, it is something that may have been with you 5, 10, 15 or 50 years and then the next day its gone!! Yet there is reminders of your ‘bestie’ everywhere. To add to this torture, you then have to see your ‘bestie’ with others and you know in your heart of hearts that your ‘bestie’ is not really your bestie’ but your ‘worstie’ but its like a HUGE hole in your life.Constantly in your head initially is the mental battle that tells you logically that the smokes are no good but then you have the other voice (your bestie’s) telling you one won’t hurt, go on matey, have a puff!! Exquisite torture!!


I will say that I had anxiety issues before I stopped smoking and I thought for a long time that smoking helped me but it actually didn’t. It used to induce my panic attacks in some way. The final thing that broke the straw for me on stopping smoking was this huge panic attack I had in the middle of the night and although I know (and knew then) how to deal with them, this one was so frightening and was the result of weeks of umming and arghing about stopping smoking and worrying I was going to die from cancer. So I had to take the bull by the horns and stop.

Yep, can feel you mate!!

Now however I find that have bouts of depression where the black dog just will not bugger off! I feel sometimes he is sitting round the corner with my ‘bestie’ in his paws………Waiting for me to give in and smoke. Some days that is what it is………..A HUGE battle, to not be negative, not to listen to ugly thoughts, to not smoke , to be in control………….This is why I say that smoking is great mates with a great deal of things,  anxiety, depression, anger, booze, drugs, weight and the list is endless.

I think that in return for having the strength to stop smoking, then the universe will grant me some karma in another area:) But no, we all know it doesn’t work like this 🙂 I do know though for me to smoke would be more dangerous mentally than not too as the sense of disappointment and shame in myself that I KNOW I would feel, help me not to smoke.

So we do the old “chin up” like our British ancestors did, well mine anyhow, you know,  Stiff upper lip and all and solider on!! Tomorrow will be better………My biggest fear is I will need to take pills and then I won’t be me anymore. So I still keep running, eating well and reading about the Bloody black dog and the connection with smoking!!

I would be interested to hear other people’s stories on how they coped with losing their ‘smokes’. Did you feel depressed, sad, mad, angry? I felt all of these and I must admit I still get angry when I think of smoking at times!! Angry I can’t smoke or angry that it’s still to this day has that teeny hold on me!! As I often say, get behind thee, devil sticks!!

So if anyone else is having a shit of the time at the moment with smokes or that BLOODY black dog, I feel for you But you have to know (and god it is hard to see at times) but there is light at the end of the tunnel………..I think today my tunnel has hit a curve 🙂

But yesterday I got 2 double yolkers in my baking so that’s got to be good 🙂

See, lucky!!

I just forgot that when the black dog was really heavy on my shoulders all afternoon……..He seems to have buggered off now for a bit!!


It’s a shit of a road at times the non smoking road BUT well worth it!!

Have a wee look at my bread baking site, it always cheers me up!!

especially when  I eat it 🙂


Ok, so today Champix:

As you know, not a big fan of the pills but whatever gets you to stop is good with me:)

Once again , I would like personal opinions on how it works for you , that would be great!!

CHAMPIX® is designed to help reduce the impact of nicotine during the quitting process. CHAMPIX® works in two ways; it can reduce cravings and block the effect of nicotine at the same time so if you do smoke, you might not get the usual feelings of reward, so it might be easier to resist.

As with Zyban, I am not going to get into details too much as I don’t want to get my arse sued if I make an error writing what to and not to do if someone takes what I write over a doctors instruction. Look at the 2 links above that will allow you to digest the official information, then look at the views below> I can’t give an opinion on Champix from personal experience but I do want to say just from what I have read…………NOPE!! But if you think it will work for you and most of us are sensible people and weigh up the pro’s and cons, then do it. I know the desperation of not being able to stop and if you think it will help, you try it. As I said, its YOUR way and as long as it’s not dangerous.

Excellent book, by the way!!

One thing that did concern me was the fact it increases depression risk and when you stop smoking for many people you enter a state of depression, usually mild because you lose what was a BIG BIG BIG factor in your life, so to take a pill that may help you stop smoking  BUT increase that risk of depression, especially if you are already depressed,  sorry but I have to say don’t like it 😦

Once again it is you weighing up your odds but for me, having experience with depression, It is a big no-no because I have an increased risk already and to possibly increase it further, for me , would be very stupid.

Look at the link below to and look at the stories/opinions.

Kiwi Champix users warned of depression risk:

Safety of stop smoking drug questioned:

Interesting articles regarding Champix:

World Smoking News 31/05/2012:

Ok , a few interesting articles related to smoking and reasons why to stop!!

First today is world smoke free day!!

Article on Manila world smokefree tobacco day:

Emarat will stop selling smokes in its stores/ garages for World smoke free day:

NZ launches game to help stop smoking:

Another reason to stop smoking, your vision:

One in eight women who give birth are smokers:

Have a great world smoke free day!!!


Do you really want to stop?

Stopping smoking is about being really harsh with yourself and it took me 20 years to stop telling lies to myself about smoking. Every time I did not stop, there was always a reason.

Oh the lady at the hospital was crap, what would she know? True, she wasn’t a smoker, never had been, how would she know how to stop?

Oh, the time wasn’t right, I had too much on, the stress, you know……..

I was going out and there were going to be lots of smokers there….

Those bloody kids, they were annoying me, I couldn’t possibly stop ..…..

I really wanted to but I felt I wasn’t in the right place……..

I needed to get those pills/patches/lollies/ herbal smokes and I didn’t and I can’t stop without them…….

Oh, I really wanted but …………….but but but but

We all know this, we have all said it and heard it time and time again, many variations of my various excuses to why I couldn’t stop smoking.

See the pattern? We set ourselves up to fail………..because we allow ourselves to believe the lies we tell ourselves and we give ourselves reasons to fail because we rely on other things all the time….

Is this because we doubt ourselves? Is it because at least if we try we feel better? Who knows, I have thought about this for years and really have no idea, I have lots of hunches and maybes…………..

So until you take a long cold hard look at yourself, not others stop blaming them and actually stop blaming yourself too,  there is no point, then you will find it hard to stop because you will always be able to justify why you couldn’t stop. You don’t do it for mum, dad, kids, cats, mates , you do it for you and until you do, you will not succeed!! It has to be about you. You need to be selfish, you really do cause it’s a hard road BUT you can do it.

My friend, Tina, who you will hear about a lot throughout here, died of cancer, now I said to myself, ” If you stop smoking then Tina will be ok” and because Tina was not ok, was that my fault?? No, and I had stopped by then anyhow but that is what I did.I couldn’t stop for myself.  I would say to myself if you stop for this reason then this will be all good but i couldn’t and so i would blame myself for these things happening because I couldn’t stop smoking. How mental is that? Further more, Tina would have kicked my arse so hard if she had ever heard me saying dumb things like that !! YOU HAVE TO STOP FOR YOURSELF, NO ONE ELSE, NO OTHER REASON, YOU, YOU, YOU!!!


Oct OLD ATTEMPT to stop smoking

day 4………..

not a great day…………….well i woke up and i did not instantly want a smoke, so it was good and it was ok till about 2-3 pm when we had people come over and most of them were smoking…………….outside but still……………..i was able to ignore it for a while but then i caved in………….so now i have had 4 smokes today………………but back on the band wagon tomorrow…………….normally i would go, stuff it, i have buggered it up, but not this time, time to keep on trucking………… is not going to be smooth and if i can accept that it will make it easier………….
so here’s to a better smoke free day tomorrow…………..”

See, I was getting better but still making excuses for myself.

Just do it and do it for yourself,  it is never too late !!!

HOWEVER YOU DO IT, IT IS ALL THE SAME WHETHER IT BE COLD TURKEY (like me), ALLEN Carr, quitline, why quit , other quit groups, patches, gum, tablets, whatever , just do it!!! Right time for me to bugger off as I am starting to sound like a NIKE ad.

Take care, stay strong and smoke free

Are you ready?? Put those smokes down and step back!!

Today I start to impart my wisdom…:) That makes me laugh, what wisdom? Only you can be the judge of that. Wisdom or just crap? Well i suppose you won’t know unless you read on.

So how did I stop? no fan fare here or anything wonderful. I just stopped. Pretty simple really but easy? No, it bloody wasn’t!!  Cold turkey and whilst I don’t care how you personally stop, if you stop by running down the street naked or chanting weird shit, great!! But for me, nicotine replacement was not going to do it and the nakedness of me would have scared the living shit out of my neighbours and given my husband an excuse to lock me up!! Before we go any further, I congratulate you on stopping smoking, how you do it is fine. This is not a slur on you personally if you used nicotine replacement therapy. So don’t take it as such!!

I would like to add at this point that scientific studies are now starting to show that perhaps nicotine replacement studies are perhaps not the way to go and other methods need to be looked at. Look at this article and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Why put more crap into your body? At the end of your 3,6,9 month period or whatever on nicotine replacement, you may have got rid of the smokes but have you got rid of the smokes? NO!! This is my personal bug bear, i hate nicotine replacement.I think get some balls and stop. I can say that, and yes, it is harsh!! but you know that it is the only way you will stop smoking is by being harsh. You need to take a long hard look at yourself and be critical. Look at the relapse figures 6 or 12 months down the track.

Anyway for today, we are not going to get into this topic now as you can probably tell, i feel very strongly about it and will look forward to hearing all your thoughts on this. Nicotine replacement is the Governments way of placating stop smoking groups to provide all these lovely replacement therapies, that cost them maybe 1% of the smoking revenue they receive. What a slap in the face for non smokers!! What a joke and an insult.Why not treat smoking like the addiction it is? and give it serious help like for druggies or alcoholics?

So what is step one? And is there a step one?

I think the most important thing is to realise you are an addict when you smoke. Now me personally, I wasn’t a dirty addict. Euwww!!! I wasn’t like those junkies or the dirty alchies in the park. But you know I was. I would scab butts from the rubbish when I had no smokes, I would have done almost anything when I had no smokes, luckily I never had to but I know now in my heart, I would have.My first thought in the morning was smoking, that is all that mattered.Until I accepted I was an addict, like the dirty junkies I had invisioned in my head, then I wasn’t going to be able to stop. That I think is a large problem with smoking is that, it is not classed in with other addictions in a sense. Smoking was not looked at as an addiction until recently but still now do you see rehab for smokers? Can you book into a clinic? Because that is what I needed to do. What support groups are there? 12 step programs like A.A or NA? Nope. I ask you how does going to the local hospital for a chat with a smoking cessation person(who usually have never smoked themselves) help? Does it helps the pure desperation you feel at times? Nope!

Yet nicotine is the MOST addictive substance.

So are you an addict? or a liar like I was?

I will leave you with that parting piece to ponder….