May Day, May Day….

Can you believe it?

May is here!!


Its going to be a fabulous month, I feel it in my running shoes! Continue reading


Beware the Ides of March!

no shoes..

no shoes..

Can you believe it?


Ok, let’s go and get started..

Marathon training doesn’t start till next week so this week I will do splits (4/5 km morning, 4/5 km at night) and see how the Achilles goes.

Hard week last week with bugger all running but done and dusted. Continue reading

Ending running week with Surya Namaskara A & B…..


Contrary to me saying I only like running exercise wise,  I do like Astanga yoga.

I went on and off over the years to the Yoga Academy when I lived in Auckland.

It is an awesome place .

I have been going on and off (ha ha, consistent there) to The Heart Centre in Taupo. Continue reading

Ummm…..Hello????? Are you Awesome?

I know, I deserve everyone to ignore me as I have been SLACK, SLACK, SLACK!!

And a little more slack…

Actually I have been so busy moving, I seriously have not had time to write.

As you know, I have been moving from one BIG CITY  to a wee town….

Auckland to Taupo….1.6 million to about 16,000 …. Continue reading