Today’s Tip: 03/06/2012 :

Run, run as fast as you can OR Run rabbit, Run Rabbit, run, run, run……

Remember these sayings from when you were a kid? Well what are you waiting for? Not necessarily running but walking, get those marching boots on and start walking,  running, jogging, skipping!! When I stopped, if I wanted a smoke, I would go running or if I really had a bad crave but couldn’t run (like at work) , I would get up and walk,walk,walk  to the photocopier, to the toilet, to the canteen (err not to the vending machine) for 1-2 minutes until it passed……….Sounds mad but it distracts you and it passes…………Even round and round  in circles and you are so dizzy, you feel ill and forget smoking!! Just kidding…

Not quite what we had in mind!!

So you know what to do…err and not above either!! Get those shoes on!!

Thanks to for the piccy!! 🙂


Have a great smoke free day!!



World Smoking News 03/06/2012

Hope you are all having a GREAT SMOKE FREE day!!

Tomorrow it is Queens birthday here in the Land of the Long White Cloud (err not from smoking )  so it’s a holiday, gotta be good!! Mmmmm so what will happen when we are no longer the Land of the long white cloud and no one smokes? Something to ponder….

So today’s news!! 

All you sports fans:

Fines for smokers in parks in Ajman:


Interesting Editorial :


Smokers anyone? Are we allowed to call them that now?

Old but interesting. Banning kids sweets that look like SMOKES.  Are we getting extreme? I loved these as a kid! And remember chocolate smokes?


Have a good one!!

Stay Strong and smoke-free.

Today’s Tip: 02/06/2012:

Mix it up!! Who says you need to only use one method to stop?

As I am a great one to say, Use whatever method will help you quit. If its one way only, fine, if it’s a mix of 2 or 5 , fine, as long as it helps you stop. If you have a mix of methods, then if one is not working, you can focus on another and that way there is no excuse to stop as you had no back up plan!! You have to be cunning!!

Stay strong and smoke Free

Have a good one.


Today’s tip: 01/06/2012

The ten second rule!! Yes, I know you are probably wondering what the hell is she on about? Ok, well you know the ten minute rule with exercise? You make yourself do the exercise with the condition that after ten minutes if you want to stop you can. You never do,  as by the time ten minutes have passed, you think “may as well carry on as I have got this far “. Got me?

With stopping smoking, I used to say to myself when I REALLY REALLY wanted to smoke, I could if I still really wanted one after ten seconds. Initially I think it was a minute and over time I pared it down but really when you think of that crave time, it is only a split second really. It may feel like forever but it usually is not. Now after that time had elapsed, I wouldn’t be craving and although I still may want a smoke, that really intense wanting had gone:) and I was strong enough to keep fighting.  They reckon that it is the not denying yourself helps too!! You know reverse psychology? Not sure about that though………..

P.S I didn’t do this is in the first “hell week” of stopping……….that would have been asking too much!!

Today’s tip:31/05/2012 :

Be kind to yourself. Although you are being kind by stopping smoking, it can be a hard tiring road so you need to gentle and good to yourself.

Do something nice for your self everyday! A nice tea, a fabulous sandwich for lunch, a great book from the library, a nap, a good movie, a magazine , a manicure and if you are saving your smokes money, then decide on something you will do for yourself with that $$$.

Be kind and be good to yourself.