Smoky and the Bandit…..

Hmmm, Don’t know if I would call myself a bandit but hubby is definitely smoky.



What to do, what to do? Rock and hard place…. Continue reading



‘Mental’ is a word that we use often in NZ, the Aussies use it too.

I have never heard any other nationality say it though?

I know that some people perceive it as being rude or offensive..but its not meant to be.


I like mental or nutty or something along those lines, mental illness is too serious sounding for me . Continue reading

Overcoming your Smoking Habit: David F Marks:

Ok, so here we go!! As I said many many books…………..But are they all successful?

This book is slightly older (2005) and it is endorsed by the US public health service,not that it means a lot to most of us or influences us in choosing books to help us stop smoking.

Have you tried and failed to give up smoking? Most smokers have. But Professor David Marks’s method has been scientifically evaluated, and the programme’s quit-smoking rates are among the highest on record, using a step-by-step week-long programme to help you stop smoking for good. Via highly acclaimed CBT techniques, proven effective in how to ‘re-programme’ your mind not to want to smoke, you will not have to rely on will power alone.”

This book looks at understanding your habit, how to stop smoking  and how to get a life as a non smoker.CBT techniques are used in the book to help you break that addiction. Author is an ex smoker so he understands that side of the addiction and it’s not all theory.

What is interesting (for me anyhow) is that the author lived in NZ for some time and developed the ISIS stop smoking programme and I did this programme and I have to say that while it was not successful long-term, I did stop for about a year or 18 months so it is successful but not for me long-term but I think it was more i was weak willed.See my link with this and looking and thinking of it now, yes, very much CBT methods!!

Two Golden Rules:

You smoke a cigarette every time you want one.

Practice the CBT exercise whenever you feel like smoking.

You do a series of exercises designed to deprogram your brain and its addictive thinking mode over a week whilst still smoking

You still need to choose a day and actually stop which is the main sticking point for most of us smoking but the notion is by then most of the deprogramming will be done so it will be easier to stop.

This is similar to the method I used (not the chain-smoking though) and it does make it easier but like I said, you still need to actually stop. My only scepticism with this method and other similar deprogramming methods, how can you change what you have been doing for years or decades in a week?

I like that the book is not get into the happy mode and stop smoking or its easy to stop or painless. That is crap!! Neither do you need to find your inner peace, mindfulness or any weirdo stuff………..

Despite the quickness in deprogramming years old thinking, I think this programme is a goer!! I give it a thumbs up and why not give it a try? Similar to Allen Carr with the brainwashing but it works.

Stay Strong and Smoke free!!

Quit For life: Jamie Mushin:

A 2011/2012 book, so all new and new up to date methods? The Author is an ex – smoker, a motivational speaker, trainer and coach. He is Australian, we won’t hold that against him though….Sadly, quite a thick book, which I don’ t like BUT you may!!

He starts by saying we may be wondering “Why in god’s name is someone writing another stop smoking book?”  Not quite in those words but you get the idea. Jamie states his book is for those among us who have not been successful with other books to date. Hmm, well if we were successful, we wouldn’t be reading his book, would we?

This book is for those who have already decided to stop smoking and know they are ready to do so. I like that he says this books is not the ONLY answer to becoming a non smoker, neither is it the only way.Great, Like that BUT then he has to say that it is simple and stress free method. ARGH!!! and are you excited???

Please, I hate to be a cynic but excited to stop? Even though I REALLY wanted to stop, I was not excited. Are alcoholics excited to give up the drink? ERR probably not. Jamie talks about “MINDFULNESS” and how this will help in your stopping. When you have an urge for a cigarette, then you need to practice mindfulness, which is as follows: you need to take a 60 second time out to sit with that feeling. You need to determine where that feeling comes from and see if you can discover where that sensation is located. If you can’t then you need to see if it is really a sensation or your mind telling you ,you need a cigarette. If you can locate the sensation, then watch the sensation without judgement. Allow it to be there and don’t get frustrated or watch it.After 60 seconds or when the sensation has dissipated, get on with your day.

Okkkkkk. That sounds JUST great!! Sensation my arse, craving is what it is called, Jamie, you knob head!! God, this book started off with so much promise, and now it has descended down into moron territory!!Because it started with promise, I will pretend I did not read all that tosh and carry on…..

Jamie turns to looking at why you smoke, are you ready to stop, what if you like smoking? Setting goals, but then he really gets into this mindfulness ,a little bit at the end of each chapter and then big chunks throughout the book!! URGH!!

There is nice personal stories in there but most of it, is like all other smoking books apart from the silly mindfulness, which really is just a jazzed up version of mind games with oneself , self talk or self-hypnosis!!  Now if that works for you and you can do it, then it will help you and it maybe the book for you.

Sadly this is not groundbreaking. It’s just another recipe of the plain old choccie cake folks!! Sorry…….. and if the plain old choccie cake did it for us we wouldn’t be looking for new jazzed up versions!!

Thumbs down as it’s not new, it’s the same old crap, different day……..However like I say, it may work for you !!

GRRR ..Closet & Part Time Smokers…

Sorry but I have to say that part-time, closet or/and occasional smokers REALLY piss me off!!

I used to think it was because they had the control to smoke a few and then not bother about it for ages. That used to send me into a JEALOUS INCANDESCENT RAGE!! How dare they have 1-2 smokes and then hide it away again until they felt like another?? Or just pretend they didn’t smoke? More importantly, why could I not do this?


It was my dream to smoke 1-2 a day, I would have been happy to do this. I would not have considered myself to be an addict on 1-2 a day………SUPREME CONTROL!!Thats what I thought smugly to myself. Hah ha ha How naive I was!! So I embarked on my part time supremeness to only have 1-2 smokes a day and this is basically how it would pan out. I woke up, make my coffee and enjoy that morning smoke, in peace, bliss, before the day would start………………then I would have a smoke to look forward to at the end of the day!! Easy………….Yep, all sounds good BUT in reality, ALL DAY, ALL DAY AND ALL DAY, I would wait for it to be the appointed hour where I could have my 2nd smoke………… a bloody fool!!After the PM smoke, I would be waiting for the morning, the only good thing was 6-8 hours sleep would ease that waiting. Not quite a part-time smoker……….

 I would rage at these bloody people who would have a packet of smokes and it would last them…..say a month!! And they would smugly just have one, sliding the smoke out of the packet with oh so casual non chalantness that makes you want to slap them, HARD!! Like they don’t really want the smoke but are doing it only cause they feel like it and its no big deal. You would want to kill them and I am sure they said it with extreme smugness too!!

What about the casual/ closet smokers that nick all your fags and never replace them?And in the same breath as asking for a smoke, go on about dirty smokers?? GRRRRRRRRR

Some people may become part-time smokers on their way to give up, this is acceptable!!

What is not acceptable is the bum licky ones i have described above………

That makes me wonder then, am I a closet drinker??? Do people look at me and go bum lick, How can she only drink once a year maybe? No, surely not 🙂 I don’t drink because like the cigarettes, I can’t control myself so I just don’t or I will drink rarely but fully accepting when I do, I know I will not have just have one drink. Maybe I am a binger? I suppose smokers are bingers too………they will binge and then not smoke for months……..

Hmmm, may need to ponder this more………

Interestingly enough, this part-time and occasional smoking behaviour has been noticed and like Allen Carr (bow at the knee) said, “We (smokers) aspire to be like that and to have that control to smoke at leisure!!” but really who has the control?? Hmmm. If you had the control would you need to have that odd one smoke?

Articles below,2933,582842,00.html

World Smoking News:15/06/2012:

Greetings!! Yay , it’s friday, how good is that?

So today’s round up of interesting snippets …..

Premature babies gut illness linked to smoking in mothers:

Smoking drawback could have all bets off at the casino:

Dubai launches anti-smoking hotline:

UK Charity backs anti smoking campaign:


Hope you are all having a fabulous SMOKE FREE DAY!!






World Smoking News 14/06/2012

Greetings peoples….Don’t these look yummy!!

Wonder if they have tobacco flavoured?? I am JOKING!!  But there are some very weird and almost pretentious flavours out there now that chefs/bakers make up or combine so people think they are ‘out there’ on the cutting edge of culinary creativity!! Yep, whatever!

Something scrummy-……..

A great day!! I have a new job………yippee!!

That makes things LESS stressful, I tell you.

Today’s interesting snippets……

Northland man (NZ) fined for making tobacco.

The sperm story from yesterday is VERY popular and in many papers so for you lot that missed it yesterday, here it is again from another paper:

Drinking, smoking and obesity does not affect sperm count:

New York State University to ban all smoking from 2014: (Hmm, Auckland University started that last year I think, no smoking on Uni premises)

York Housing announces ban on smokers :

Hope you are all having a GREAT SMOKE FREE DAY!!


Blurggghhh!! Dirty Smelly….

bloody jersey. Euwwwww…….. and i HATE to say it but dirty smelly smokers!!

I like to wear my husbands jerseys late at night in winter as they are really warm and they come down to my knees:)

But I just grabbed one he has not washed for a while (i hope that’s what it is) and It reeks, REEKS, of cigarettes. It is enough to make me gag!!

Serious, I always try not to be one of the rabid mad dog type ex-smoker.  YOU ALL KNOW what i mean!! The ones that rant and rave about smokers “filthy, filthy, dirty, blah, blah, blah……..” You know the ones and you can feel the rage. I am not sure if that is from the rage that ex smokers get initially until the hormones clam down or the ones that are SOOOOOOOO angry they had to stop, they can’t bear others to smoke.

Anyhow I digress, I try to be considerate in the sense, that I KNOW how bloody hard it is to stop (especially if you like smoking) and some people have no idea they bloody stink when they smoke.

My husband started smoking about a year ago again and I knew he was smoking but i didn’t think it was many and I know it does no good to hassle a person about smoking. We all know they need to stop when they stop.

The smell on the jersey is revolting and actually i have now taken off the jersey but it still stinks, i can smell it on me!! It makes me think, did I smell like that?

God I hope not as I used to really try not to smell and some people used to be surprised when they saw me smoke as they said they could not smell it on me!!

Last week I was sitting next to a man who smelt like he licked the cigarettes from the ashtray and chewed cat pooh and then rolled in it and i thought ” Do you know you smell like that?” It was so bad that I had to discreetly pull up my scarf (thank god for winter) and do little dog like pants out my nose. I could not bear to breathe in, that is how repulsive it was. But what do you do? Say “you stinky F****r, have a wash and brillo your mouth and disinfect your clothes?” Err nope!! No wonder I felt light-headed when I got off the bus….

So what to do re the hubby and the smoking? Wash the jersey?? but it’s not the jersey per se, it’s the smoking over all…………..

Another thing to ponder for tomorrow…..

Have a good SMOKE FREE DAY.

Stay Strong and smoke free!!