Weight Watchers in Paris….

Can you imagine it?

I know myself when I go there, I feel like a big fat hippo so GOD only knows what lovely stylish Parisian women are doing at WW!!


Enjoy the blog and article.

Weekend Smoking Round Up 14/07/12:

Afternoon, err actually morning.

Cold, cold, cold…………….Suppose it is winter:)

Lets have a look at whats happening in the world of tobacco and smokes…







40% OF ITALIAN YOUTH SMOKE:(older post but interesting as it seems everyone smokes there)


so that my friends is it for the weekend…………….

I am going to start looking at, from next week, smoking in different countries, laws etc………..So stay tuned



How to Stop Smoking : Gillian Riley:

How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

Give up smoking WITHOUT gaining weight!! Gillian Riley.

“Forget ridiculous aversion techniques and repression and look your addiction straight in the eye!”

Pretty blunt and describes so many stop smoking books correctly. But will this book live up to its claims?

Relatively thin book which is good!! Not bogged down by surplus blah blah blah!!

The main technique here seems to be taking control and owning up to the fact that YOU have an addiction. It is a problem you yourself have created. I like this attitude because it is true. Yes, we do need support BUT until we admit to the problem, it won’t matter who we have support from. This book differs from others in that it doesn;t require to tell all and sundry you are stopping smoking because ultimately success is up to you not others.

The nature of addiction and the desire to smoke are looked at in the first few chapters in the book. It is similar in a sense to Allan Carr in that it states it is your fear and the need for you to stop for yourself and no others. The book looks at taking back control, weight gain and why smoking seems to help us. It has a plan to help you stop as well in the last few chapters.

Gillian Riley was a smoker and a overeater. She gives you an “outline’ on how to deal with smoking and your cravings. It is simple, smoke or don’t really. It is your choice!!

I like this book and I would use it to stop smoking.I would not use it for ideas like the 52 brilliant ideas book, but this would be a book to stop smoking with. Like Allen Carr’s book. It is similar to his book in its tone. I have to wonder is this because Gillian, like Allan smoked? They know the addiction first hand and it shows in their writing.



GRRRR..Nasty Women!!

Why are women like this? Not all women, but some…. And they try to veil it as being funny or nice when it is blatantly not. Or that they are being  “supportive”, when really it is an opportunity to make others feel bad. This is prevalent in stop smoking and weight loss communities!!

To make ourselves feel better, we need to knock others down?>? Is that so when we fail, at least we have other people who will fail too? But is not usually men….maybe they play another game all together??

Here is some examples of what I mean …

I belong to a few smoking blogs, well quitting blogs and I always try to leave supportive comments on them and interesting links to other articles that may be interesting or inspiring in some way. Some times it is humorous,  sometimes it is serious.

The other day I posted on here and on one of the smoking blogs , a link to the article  http://skepticdetective.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/hypnosis-and-acupuncture-to-quit-smoking/ of the woman who stopped smoking because she didn’t want to pay money to the KKK.  

While the article was serious, you had to take it with a light heart if you know what I mean but these people on the smoking blog started ranting on about “how you can’t stop for that reason and you need to stop for yourself’ and you can imagine it!!  Bloody hell, its like get a sense of humour and  as long as you stop who cares what you did to stop ??? Personally I bloody hate NRT but if you stop that way, good on you, I wouldn’t tear you down because of it!!

As I have said I am doing a fitness challenge at the moment. A great many of the people are unfit, overweight or obese but the point of the group is to be supportive. There is one woman on there and she is constantly writing things that are how fabulously fit and skinny she is but when you think about the others in the group, it’s not supportive for them , it probably makes them feel worse. It is good to love yourself but there is such a thing as modesty and appropriateness as well 🙂

She writes how fabulous her 8km run was, and it was easy and she felt euphoric!” That’s great but you could say “I had a run, it was euphoric because………” But you don’t need to go into specific numbers which make the people who walk or can’t run feel like crap or people who have started running and feel good, then read that and feel like useless!! Now I run further than that daily but I am mindful that others don’t and until asked specifics, I just say ” Did my run today, all good ” or “did my run, did longer than normal, yippee!!”

Or the best one and the most sensitive of all areas for women – WEIGHT!!!

Our lovely supportive member writes , (REMEMBER THIS IS WEEK ONE WHERE WE HAVE JUST STARTED so no startling transformations as yet) ” Oh, I went into a dress shop and I felt my size 25 pants were too loose!! I had to get a size 24 ( which is the size Victoria Beckham wears), who knows I maybe able to get into a size smaller soon with all my running and I just wanted to share it with you all  as I know you will be happy for me”!! 

What the hell do you say to that?? Talk about love myself !!

Now the average women in NZ would wear probably 30-36 pants/skirts!! So how do you think that makes most people feel? Especially as most of the people in this group would be a size 14 + ?? You know, it is that not thinking arseyness, that I hate and has really annoyed me. I think it is great to be proud of yourself and especially in this later on when people have these wonderful transformations and are proud (and rightly so) but for people who are just starting and not yet gained confidence in themselves, it’s a bit off-putting and self promoting.

Hmmmm, this now makes me wonder am I being a tall poppy chopper? No, that person is arrogant!!  It is prevalent when you try to stop a nasty habit or be a better person, people always want to knock you back but that is different to just wanting to say how fabulous you are when it brings others down.  What is it with the tall poppy syndrome ?(http://www.kiwianarama.co.nz/tall-poppy-syndrome/)

Why can’t we be pleased with people without having to be nasty or toot our own trumpet?  I know its hard,  believe me!! I have seen friends lose weight and be skinnier than me and i have smiled and been nice but in my head I am thinking “bitch”!!  How stupid is that? But I would never say anything like that out loud. Outwardly I be as supportive as possible because I know how important support is and can be!

Or people who stop smoking, that is chronic, where smokers are so supportive of you when you SLIP!! And they seem to like you better when you slip up as well. I have asked this before and it is like a relief when someone stumbles in stopping smoking or drinking because its like there is a quota or something and if that person stuffs up, then there is less chance that I will as well? It is like only so many people can succeed. It certainly doesn’t work like that but it can feel like it I suppose.

Or is it just plain old JEALOUSY?? or is it fear the other people will leave us behind if they succeed and we don’t? Or is it we will be forced to give up our nasty habits before time?

Hmmm ponderings for tomorrow!!


Yep, more exercise bleating:

I know, hate, hate, hate and hate!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! But its GOOD FOR YOU!!

Ha ha, ok, serious though..Look at this below…I am not telling you anything that somewhere in your mind, you don’t already know 🙂

With the smoking, you need to employ as many methods and as much arsenal as possible because the nicodemon is a sneaky, crafty bugger!!

He will whisper in your ear………...”Argh, that didn’t help, why bother, why not just have a smoke!!” or  ” err ,that’s horrible, smoking feels much better than that” . 

Exercise is one way we can stamp that bloody voice out for good!! and stay quit for good!!


I was thinking today while I was running (as am doing a fitness challenge at the moment) and this is a thought I have had many times , “Do I need to do this for the rest of my life?”

It seems a bit too depressing to think about in that context. It is a long time and I can’t imagine how many sessions of exercise would be!! Hideous.

I hate to say it but I do feel better when I exercise BUT sometimes it can be such a hassle and I really don’t feel like doing it.

One thing I do remember about starting running again when I stopped smoking (and all exercise at that time) was I was really really unfit and I swore, never again would I let myself get so unfit. I could run with a struggle but anything else was terrible. I remember some gym sessions feeling like I would pass out, vomit or have a heart attack but it was because I was so unfit. So somewhere in my brain I associate those terrible feelings with smoking so that helps me not smoke again and retain some level of fitness.

I am not saying you need to run, but I have to say that sometimes even though a large part is not enjoyable, some of my running is near euphoric!! That runners high does exist……… and there is something similar in all exercise………….

So get out those walking shoes/ boots baby!! and walk, run, skip, jump, hike, swim, bike………….WHATEVER!! You have heard me say it before………….and I will say it again and again and again and again………….

Yes I am going now 🙂

Grrr Insane Weight Rantings!!


GRRRRR!! in fact double GRRRR!!! GRRRR!!!


Why are these two things so tormenting? You know I thought when I stopped smoking , I could use the same principles to weight loss but NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! Not a chance in hell.

What annoys me the most with weight is that you try hard and it still pisses you off.

The silly thing about all this is that I still think to some degree that I will be rewarded for stopping smoking in my weight loss endevours!!   Ha, ha, ha , what a joke!! No, there has been no good karma on that front!!

For example, I am doing this 12 week fitness challenge. The exercise each day is really hard (yes, that is what i wanted and needed) and you are on a lower calorie allowance than usual which means I feel tired and exhausted but I am doing it. I expect because I am doing what I should, my results should be good!!  BUT BUT BUT …….

Yesterday, its weigh in day, all good!! Best day ever, you all know the feeling!!!

Yay, yay, yay!! Lost .9kg, then today, and I know weight fluctuates and every other story and i shouldnt weigh myself every day but I do and what happens! I FUCKING WEIGH MORE THAN 1 KG HEAVIER THAN YESTERDAY!!! IN like 14 hours!! and I have eaten enough for a sparrow and run my arse off!! Now as I said, I know all the reasonable explanations BUT I DON’T CARE!! I want those bastard scales to weigh less or the same each day!

Yes, I know I shouldnt weigh every day BUT I DO!!

Weight has as much as a grip on me as smokes did , at times!! Sometimes I think WHO CARES!! I will eat what I like!! Then I usually have a bingy sugary and salty trip for a week or so and then feel yucky so I go back to my normally pretty good eating. The thing though with this , as i usually don’t gain any weight from this period of eating rubbish!! Yet as soon as I eat clean again, what happens??? I gain weight!! It is sooooooooo FRUSTRATING!! Why can’t I flick it off like smokes? Well, it wasn’t quite that easy but you know what i mean. I know this is insane thinking, yet I still persist in allowing  a pair of scales or how my pants fit to rule my life. I have on occasion found really nice clothing but it has been a size larger than I normally wear (as we all know how sizes vary) ,well, I won’t buy it!! My husband says ” no one else knows” and I know that but I KNOW!! That is where the problem lies….         

Bloody big GRRRRRRRR!! and a few F&^&ks for good measure!!

Why are we never happy with our weight? Do you know any one who is happy with their weight? Why does society constantly make us think all things are judged by weight or how we look? You know apart from stopping smoking, when I lose weight, it’s the best high ever. Most actions pale in comparison to weight loss and the most pathetic thing is, is that we are talking 1-3 kgs max………That is so SAD!!

Why do we allow society to dictate that we feel that way? I can go out feeling good and then I see someone I perceive to be smaller than me and suddenly, I don’t feel good and I feel that people also then think I am a heifer!! It is just insane. I look at my youngest son , 12, who is a normal sized gangly boy, now to my eyes he is small but I am his height and smaller than him but in my eyes, I am not like that at all……..I am about 10 sizes larger!! Insane!!

With that mouthful, I shall bid you arrivederci for the day!!




Time for a Weight Rant:

You have been warned so don’t read any more if you are not up to mad cat woman rants today.

I am going to try to do a rant on something daily, so like the smoking news I do but a light-hearted note as we really need that to stop smoking, lose weight and sometimes just to get through the bloody day. Most of it will be tongue in cheek, me poking fun at myself but sometimes pondering why some people are allowed to walk the streets, YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

The weight rant has emerged today because I decided in my wisdom that I would bake my apricot and raisin brioche along with plain brioche. I know you are thinking “SO”!!

The problem is and yes, why am i walking the streets?  (well today anyhow) was i joined this 12 week body challenge to give my fitness and increased smoking urges a good boot up the jacksey!! Today I started the challenge but i had to do my bread today as it was ready to go.  Labour intensive so couldn’t waste it…………..So i get up early to let it prove, then i go back to sleep and it slightly over proves. Not a biggie but still…………So the bread is baked and I am ADDICTED to bread, not white crap, only stuff made with love, so maybe a gorgeous ciabatta white loaf but you know the white crap I mean.

Could you say NO to this?

I am not supposed to be eating Brioche on this plan…………No normal person could say no to this brioche so I have some. I am REALLY good and allow for it in this programme, meaning that as brioche is about a zillion calories, I can now eat 1 kiwifruit for the rest of my day. Not that bad but almost!!

This bloody bread is sitting on the bench taunting me!! But i created the whole situation by making the bread. Silly, silly, silly.

Anyhow day one is almost done on this program. I did my exercise, which is ok as I run anyhow but the sprints WERE not fun. I don’t sprint, i endure people, I run long time baby. Can I sprint, no!! You do 30 seconds(feels like 30 minutes) sprinting, 30 seconds collapsing, i mean walking.

Feel your pain mate!!

My cats thought this was hilarious, me running hell for leather down the stretch of road and then falling over on the road. Only to come back and do it again!! They sat on the fence thinking  ” And humans wonder why we are the masters?” Only because I feed them will they not ignore me in embarrassment but I am sure they told the neighbour cats, that I was NOT their mum………..

And joy oh joy, it is almost time to go to my arsey temp job (WHICH REALLY REALLY REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO SMOKE, EAT COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE, DRINK ABSINTHE AND SHOOT PEOPLE) at which I really do think that George Bush has a lot of bastard children living in NZ and Australia. More on the job delights another day…………..

Argh!! Why are all the good things bad for us?

So Stay Smoke free and be Strong!!

And may the Bread gods be with you!!