Sugar Demons be GONE!!!


sugar demon

I am an example of how addictive sugar is… Continue reading


Bobbi, Chocolate and the Wardrobe…..

I want Bobbi and Chocolate!!! NOW!

Which comes first, that is the question?

Want this now!!

Want this now!!

and this too!!

and this too!!

I just love Bobbi ! Continue reading


Shaved corn beef on Poppyseed wholemeal bread, with avocado and coleslaw..

And a piece of Parmigiano on it as well……

The sandwich in question..

The sandwich in question..

With a small piece of Whittakers creamy milk chocolate with my tar black coffee for afters….

Sitting in the sun on the balcony.


That folks is Bliss…


Especially as its a nice sunny day, I just finished my run , kids are at school till 4pm , its my day off and I am making Nutella Crostata!!

I also saw some real pecorino at the supermarket………

And, and , and, and best of all…….I brought a sliver of real Parmigiano from Parma….

Not that NZ parmesan is not nice, but is not quite the same…

that cheese!!

that cheese!!

I couldn’t control myself and bit a chunk off it, a bit naughty…

What more could a girl want?

As I was walking home after my run with my groceries, I was thinking just that….

Bliss in small things…

I always like walking down the side streets to our street as its so treey and leafy and you wouldn’t think at the end is a main road…

this is bliss....beautiful and cheery!!

this is bliss….beautiful and cheery!!

For me this is important to remember because some days it is hard to find the bliss……

Its like the black dog is waiting to eat my corned beef!

lots of black dogs

Most days he isn’t around but some days he is and no matter how good the corned beef is that day, I can’t see that 😦

I know in my heart its good but my head tells me other things…..

Silly things that later make you cringe or shake your head!!

Running is great but you can’t run forever:)

So today I appreciate the bliss and the good things and leave you with some piccies of my bliss:)




What was the ginger Mafia

What was the ginger Mafia



My boys:) minus one....

My boys:) minus one….

My beautiful mio cuore piagne per te....

My beautiful mio cuore piagne per te….



Mr Puss Puss reminding me he is hungry!! Bit peckish thanks...

Mr Puss Puss reminding me he is hungry!! Bit peckish thanks…



Tinny in her box...

Tinny in her box…



He is a bad bugger!!

He is a bad bugger!!

one of cunning run streets

one of tree lined streets off ours…

Linda's arms...

Linda’s arms…

download (4)

Mini cat...

Mini cat…

carrot cake...

carrot cake…




My fav place......Lucca...

My fav place……Lucca…

My chillies....and herbs:)

My chillies….and herbs:)

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 95.0.oo kms

Cycling: 65.5 kms

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3


Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 18.42

Monthly Distance: 164.2 kms/ 102.8 miles

Total Year to date:

703.5 kms/ 439.68

Hours  92.47


having a wee sleep...

having a wee ponder!

World Smoking News:20/06/2012:

howdy!! Hope you are all having a great smoke free day!!

Pretty miserable here! Thunder and lightning:)

Big news today seems to be the more graphic pictures that will now go on smokes.

Larger Anti smoking warnings on cigarette packets:

More Graphic lables for smokines packets as smoking rates fall:

Have some choc, not smokes!!

This story is from January but its a NZ one but also it is a hot topic on alot of smoking boards: SMOKE FREE NZ!!

Chocolate!! A little something to cheer you up..

Just a wee post to cheer you up if you feel like a smoke!! Have a chocolate.

Now i am not trying to make you into a porker or increase your dental bills but you need to be very GOOD and KIND to yourself when you stop smoking.

Think about what you are doing!! Not everyone is doing it or can, you are a HERO!!

So some chocolate is well deserved and I need to have a wee bleat about Whittakers choc as it is so good and NZ made!!

My ALL time favourite chocolate!! ohhhhhhhh

Hmmmm, Kiwifruit………..

This is the Primo , primo, primo chocolate. Better than pay day!! well almost!!

Ahhhhh, Whittakers chocolate. For those who have not had the pleasure, I have to say, you need to eat this !! Whittakers is dear to my heart as it is NZ made and its like a triumph over Cadbury. I don’t eat and have not touched Cadbury chocolates for 3-4 years.It is a shame as I like creme eggs but nope, I feel VERY strongly about this. Cadbury, if some will recall, put PALM OIL in their chocolate for a while. You could taste it, and it tasted like cheapo chocolate and we all know how bad Palm oil is for health and the environment. People kicked up a real stink and they stopped using Palm oil but you know after that, I didn’t trust them and if that was not enough, they then reduced the sizes of the chocs here and MOVED most production of NZ Cadbury chocolate to Australia. Now the only thing made in NZ, is the Roses chocolates, Jaffas and pineapple lumps. Moro (a NZ classic)is made in Aussie.

No Palm oil here!! and made in NZ!!

“The following products have moved to Pascall’s Scoresby factory in Australia: Wine Gums, Milk Bottles, Jet Planes, Party Treats, Party Packs, Blackberries, Fruity Jellies, Sour Spiders, Jelly Babies, Spearmint Leaves, Fruit Jubes, Rainbow Fish and Eskimos.

Minties, Milk Shakes, Lolly Scramble, Fruit Burst and Fruit Chews have been made in Thailand since last year, and Chocolate Eclairs have been made in Malaysia since late last year”  Kindly supplied by :

Very disappointing, so no Cadbury’s or Pascall or Cadbury owned products. Very sad in some cases, as I said I love Creme eggs and Turkish delight, but that is life.

My 2nd favourite chocolate has to be “BACI”.Made in Perugia and they are heavenly….Scrummy, scrummy, scrummy….Stop smokers definitely deserve these beauties!! When I am in Italy (even though we get them here) , I eat them every day, just 1-2………..


White Baci- mmmmmm

Check out their site and they have tours ( i tried to do it last time but not enough time) and are part of the HUGE Eurochoc festival in Perugia every year.

Now see, save that smoke money and in a year you could be at the Perugia Chocolate Festival!!

And if you want to check out Whittakers and other Kiwi Lollies, check out the site below.

have a Good one.