I’ve lost that loving feeling….

black dog 3

Feeling meh…

Winter blues?

Working blues?

Husband going on holiday and me staying home blues? Continue reading


Fifteen, fifteen…hmm..treadmills ????


Tick it off!

Soooooooo couldn’t find a rhyme for fifteen either..

Some poet I would be.

Back into the exercise again.

I think I will do 30 days of exercise rather than solely running. Continue reading

And what do you know?

run alotYesterdays run was a donger!!

It was hard work indeed…

Which goes to show it’s not all cheery lightness and fairies with this running gig):

Ahhh, but you don;t get that immense joy for nothing!!

This is the price you pay…

Nah, but I know that.

I have had some real shockers and it has been a real battle the whole way to finish.

In my head, chatting back and forth…tired, run one more post/ song, tired.. want to stop, do one more post): Continue reading

Ending running week with Surya Namaskara A & B…..


Contrary to me saying I only like running exercise wise,  I do like Astanga yoga.

I went on and off over the years to the Yoga Academy when I lived in Auckland.

It is an awesome place .

I have been going on and off (ha ha, consistent there) to The Heart Centre in Taupo. Continue reading