Bent. Not broken 

Running inspiration!


I’m 15 years old, I’m a sister, friend, cousin, athlete, daughter(obviously),quessadilla/cheesecake/pie lover andobsessedrunner. I’m a national champion in the 2000 m and a two time national medalist, I’ve held and broken several provincial records for Alberta track and field. My goals for 2015 were to make team Canada for the world youth championships. I really believed I could do it. Some people would argue that I peaked too early, or that a burn out was inevitable, but I thought I had itallplanned out until my dreams came crashing down in March 2014 when I injured my knee while skiing. I’m currently still coming out of my injury and getting back to running.

Later that September I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. I knownobodyhas it easy. I’ll be blogging about the ups and downs of my journey and I hope I can inspire you…

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